How to fine-tune your sales follow-up

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Contrary to popular opinion, turning a lead into a paying client doesn’t solely rely on the initial meeting. In fact, 80% of sales require five follow-ups after that first point of contact.

What is a sales follow-up? It’s how you reach out to a potential client after your initial meeting to encourage them to become a paying customer.

Sure, you could rely on automated email campaigns or generic phone messages to reach those necessary five follow-ups. However, if that’s your strategy, it could be too impersonal – or even a little boring.

Don’t let the competition sweep your potential clients off their feet. Make sure your construction company stands out by creating personal and exciting interactions in your sales follow-up process.

Use the following tips to transform more leads into clients – and give them the best customer experience possible.

1. Try different methods

Some people prefer to communicate through email while others like to talk on the phone – and you may even encounter someone who’d rather chat on social media.

The point is, don’t give up if you don’t get a response through one method of communication.

After your first meeting, send a follow-up email. No response? No problem. Pick up the phone and try to connect there. If you don’t get a reply to your voicemail, take a second stab at email. Then try to connect on LinkedIn and send a message. And for your fifth sales follow-up, try another phone call or even a text message.

By attempting to reach out through a variety of means, you’re increasing your chances that they’ll see your message and respond.

2. Be speedy

Every minute you spend not reaching out to a prospect is time that a competitor could be swooping in and stealing that client. You may be the better construction company, but if they respond to a prospect first, you’re automatically put in second place.

Did you know you’re nine times more likely to convert a sale if you follow-up with the lead within five minutes?

By investing in construction management software like Buildertrend, you can benefit from online tools that allow you to be quick in your sales follow-up. With features like a CRM, in-app messages and a Customer Portal, you can easily and quickly communicate with your prospects – and kick the competition to the curb.

3. Keep it personal

Even in the age of digital connections, clients want a personal relationship when hiring a construction company – and your sales follow-up is the perfect time to form that bond.

Whether it’s mentioning a common connection (ex: you both have two kids or you share a favorite sports team) or writing them a nice card, these personal touches will make all the difference.

A simple thank you note is a gesture that goes a long way without requiring much effort. You could even include a gift card to their favorite coffee shop or fast-food joint to show you listen and care.

4. Stay top of mind

After you’ve had a meeting with a potential client, give them a company branded item, aka “swag,” to take home. This not only makes the prospect feel appreciated, but it will also keep your company at the top of their minds even after that first meeting.

Didn’t meet in person? Mail it to them. Or you could even drive by and drop it off at their home or office if you know their address.

Regardless of how they receive the gift, the prospect will recognize your efforts to make them feel valued. By going above and beyond, you’ll stand out from the competition and improve your chances of turning that prospective client into a paying customer.

Do’s and don’ts of the sales follow-up process

These four tips will help turn leads into clients. But there’s always more you can do to improve your sales process. Here are a few more do’s and don’ts to help fine-tune your follow-up:

  • Always provide value: Don’t just “check in” or “touch base.” Have a real reason to reach out.
  • Space out your outreach: Don’t blow them up. Wait a few days between each follow-up so you don’t annoy them.
  • Define next steps: Don’t leave them hanging. Let them know how they can move forward or learn more.
  • Build a rapport: Don’t skip the relationship building. Clients want to work with people they like and trust.
  • Know when to stop: Don’t keep reaching out forever. Eventually you’ll just be wasting your time. Stick to five follow-ups unless you receive a definitive “no” from the prospect.

Ready to become a pro at the sales follow-up process? Schedule a demo to learn more about how Buildertrend can help you improve the client experience and win more leads.

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