7 tips for creating a memorable client experience

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The construction industry is booming right now, and with the increased demand comes more competition. Clients have a lot of options when it comes to choosing which construction company to do business with, so how can you stand out and rise above the rest?

By providing the best client experience.

Simply doing good work and being polite doesn’t cut it anymore. And if you’re not succeeding in those areas yet, you need to get your basic customer service skills up to par first. Clients expect the VIP treatment and if you can provide it, your business will not only succeed in retaining existing clients, but it will also attract new ones excited to work with you.

We’ve curated a list of the top seven things you can do to go above and beyond to create a memorable experience for a client.

1. Use reviews to improve areas where you’re lacking

If you’re not sure where you’re falling short, client feedback can be a goldmine when attempting to improve your client experience strategy. Read through reviews past clients have written on Google, Facebook or Houzz and look for patterns in concerns unhappy clients have expressed. Use these insights to make simple changes in your day-to-day process.

Did multiple clients mention poor communication? Give your clients other ways to get in touch, besides just your personal phone, which allows you and your team to make yourselves available at any time without eating into your personal life.

Are you consistently late to scheduled appointments? Provide time ranges, rather than specific times, that you know are doable with your schedule and always keep your clients updated on your ETA.

No reviews yet? No problem! Buildertrend’s Surveys tool gives you the opportunity to request feedback from your clients directly in the platform. The better you understand your clients, the better customer service you can provide.

2. Trust your team

Delivering a superior client experience is a team effort. The world doesn’t have to fall on your shoulders alone. Invest in a team that you can trust to serve your clients with the same level of respect and expertise you would provide yourself. Hire the best construction workers by using your current employees’ connections or posting ads on niche job boards.

Your construction company will thrive when you foster an innovative culture dedicated to providing an amazing client experience. Get your team involved by encouraging them to be creative and by providing them the tools they need to be successful. A construction app gives them a reliable way to stay in the loop and provide input so everyone can share the load in serving your clients.

3. Take advantage of construction tech

Our favorite tip on how to improve customer experience is to take advantage of the Buildertrend Customer Portal. Clients want to be updated 24/7 on what’s happening with their home build or renovation.

Now you may be thinking, “That’s impossible.” However, with our Customer Portal you can get pretty close. Clients will have direct access to their project where they can track progress on the build, keep an eye on the budget and even view photos your team has uploaded in real-time.

Many of our customers have created stress-free experiences for their clients through use of the Customer Portal – and you will, too. It’s as easy as giving them a login and setting up their access level. You have total control over what they can and can’t see.

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4. Update your construction website

Not having a website in today’s world isn’t an option It’s your client’s first impression of your business and can impact whether they want to work with you or your competitor. When choosing a home builder, residential remodeler or specialty contractor, potential clients will pick from those with a proven track record and legitimate experience.

Buildertrend specializes in developing construction-focused, mobile-friendly websites that give your company the legitimacy it deserves.

By investing in a modern, user-friendly website, you’re building trust with potential clients. It gives your construction company an online home where you can share client testimonials and a portfolio of the amazing work you’ve accomplished.

5. Go the extra mile

Do you want your clients to have a good experience – or an amazing one? The difference between these is a client that’s simply satisfied and one that’s absolutely wow-ed by your effort. Clients want to know they’re your top priority, and the best way to show this is to go above and beyond what’s expected.

Delays and rework affecting your schedule? Keep clients in the loop to improve transparency and build trust, instead of completely missing a deadline. An unexpected cost popped up? Get creative and find a way to adjust expenses elsewhere rather than asking your client to cough up more money. Did you enjoy working with that client? Send a personalized note thanking them for their business and ask for a testimonial.

A superior client experience doesn’t just mean making your own client happy. It also means taking care of their community.

If you build homes in a high-density area, chances are the next-door neighbors will be aware of your presence. Keep them happy by waiting until after 8 a.m. to perform work that produces loud noises. By creating a positive experience with the neighbors, you may even get their future business.

6. Be proactive, not reactive

By anticipating your client’s needs, you can get ahead of potential issues that would otherwise cause a negative experience for your client.

If you know you need specific permits before you can start certain aspects of the project, get these taken care of way ahead of time. This prevents a bottleneck of the schedule down the line. Create a cushion in the budget for unexpected costs or delays. Have backup vendors in case your usual go-to’s don’t have the materials your client selected.

7. Demonstrate your core values

Integrity, honesty, quality craftsmanship, reliability … this list could go on for days when it comes to what clients look for in a construction company. But what’s most important to you and your team when you think of how to define your business? What makes you stand out against the dozens or hundreds of other home builders in your service area?

Defining a set of core values isn’t as simple as picking out a few adjectives that make your company sound good. To truly understand the core values of your business, you need to dive deep into your mission and what your “why” is for what you do. When you define your company’s values, it not only enhances your brand and builds trust with clients, but it also impacts your employees.

If your team is strongly aligned with your core values, they’re more likely to be engaged, feel satisfied in their career and perform at a top level – all of which leads to a better client experience. Happy teams = happy clients!

How your construction company can create a memorable client experience on every project

In this modern, fast-paced world, people have a lot of choices. Keeping your client happy should be the top priority in your business.

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