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Error-free estimating is possible with Buildertrend. Learn how our platform helps you take control of your construction costs – and deliver your most profitable work yet.

Construction estimating software that sets projects up for success

Buildertrend estimates help construction businesses save money and run better projects.

Construction estimating software provides home builders, remodelers and specialty contractors with a project roadmap to accurately predict costs, quantities, labor hours and more. With these estimated costs, construction businesses have a clear picture of their project’s finances before any job site work begins. Buildertrend’s construction project management software is an integrated solution that allows builders to estimate as well as perform other tasks online – making it the best choice in the industry.

What is construction estimating software?

Construction estimating software is technology used to help anticipate costs when planning out a project. This process typically includes coordinating with a client to understand the full scope of a project before translating those needs into line items, quantities and total costs. Estimates can also include markups on individual items or on the overall price point to help gauge project profitability.

Estimating can be done using a variety of different tools and applications. However, when using Buildertrend software, which is designed specifically for estimating, contractors typically see additional benefits such as improved accuracy and more efficient estimating.

Why is construction estimating important?

A poor construction estimate can tank a project before it even begins. If an estimate is missing items, or if calculations are done poorly, then the business (and not the client) will be on the hook for additional costs. These unexpected costs quickly add up and directly affect a company’s bottom line.

Good construction estimating, on the other hand, allows contractors to accurately predict their costs and profits to ensure their own profitability.

Construction estimating is essential in today’s residential construction business climate. By having accurate quantities and labor hours accounted for in advance, businesses can avoid lengthy materials delays and labor shortages with more precise scheduling.

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The benefits of construction estimating software

Buildertrend helps businesses create more efficient and accurate estimates. Contractors can automate calculations and data entry, leading to quicker estimating and less likelihood of user error.

Improved accuracy

Construction pros using Buildertrend’s estimating software see improved accuracy thanks to prebuilt calculations and formulas. This system reduces the likelihood of user error from manually entering data multiple times or calculating on a spreadsheet.

More efficient estimating

Translating previously manual processes into automated ones makes estimating faster overall, which helps new projects get started faster to get to a signed proposal faster.

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Features of construction estimating software

Buildertrend’s estimating software is comprised of the following features:

Job costing

The centerpiece of Buildertrend’s estimating software is the ability to understand the costs associated with a project. This includes material and labor costs. Home builders, remodelers or specialty contractors can group costs together and add markups to give more visibility to their financials.


Within Buildertrend’s estimating software, customizable construction templates allow companies to start projects faster. These templates allow estimates to follow the standard workflow of a project.

For example, remodelers could have estimating templates for kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels and additions. These different iterations allow estimates to follow the standard workflow for a “typical” project and be easily updated with client specifications. Estimating templates also give businesses the benefit of reducing the risk of forgetting costs related to a specific type of project.

Proposal generations

Estimating software with proposal features allows construction companies to use all the information in their estimate to easily generate a professional proposal to share with clients. This helps save time by not having to enter cost values in two different documents. These features also reduce the likelihood of copying and pasting a wrong number into a proposal, having a client signoff on the proposal and then being on the hook for the additional cost.

Cost database

Home builders, remodelers and specialty contractors can build, edit and reference a database of material and labor costs when using estimating software. Construction pros can then quickly create accurate estimates by automatically pulling in up-to-date costs for frequently used line items.

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What software is used for estimating?

Estimating software comes in many shapes and forms. Buildertrend rises above the rest because it’s an integrated software platform that supports construction companies in all phases of their project.

Using spreadsheet solutions for estimating

Most construction companies start estimating using spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. These spreadsheet solutions offer an inexpensive way to begin compiling and calculating costs. However, the long-term, profit-eating downsides outweigh those immediate benefits. Although spreadsheet software is built for a variety of applications, it isn’t built specially for residential construction. The structure and formulas needed for construction estimates all have to be created, which is time consuming and error prone.

Using integrated construction project management software for estimating

Integrated construction project management software like Buildertrend offers a full suite of features to accomplish every stage of a residential construction project. This includes all of the previously discussed estimating features – plus the estimating data can be used throughout the life of a project in the construction budget, invoicing and more.

That’s why Buildertrend is the best solution for estimating because construction projects start with estimating but go well beyond that.

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Which type of construction estimating software is right for me?

An integrated construction software system like Buildertrend is the best fit – whether your business is looking to scale efficiently or modernize financial processes. That’s because, even if a construction company is using spreadsheets to some success, errors are likely still creeping in. Profits aren’t as strong as they could be. The lift to get an estimate off the ground takes hours.

Buildertrend’s construction project management software helps companies run their business better – and it all starts with error and effort-free estimating. But that’s just the beginning. Once the project officially starts, Buildertrend helps home builders and remodelers calm the chaos of project management, communication and financials. It all happens here, all in one place.

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