How homebuilders level up communication with Buildertrend

Level up communication

Communication is the key to every successful relationship. The relationships a homebuilder holds with his team, subs and clients are no different.

Homebuilders are the hub connecting everyone and everything involved in a job. From this hub, there are details that need be outlined, tasks to be assigned, schedules to be created, progress updates to be shared … the list goes on and on. Poor communication at best leads to a confusing project. At worst, it can cause delays, costly mistakes and leave you with unhappy clients who won’t recommend you.

Communication chaos is conquered with Buildertrend, the leading construction project management software. Paving the way for smooth and direct collaboration, our tech saves homebuilders time, money and stress by creating the path for effective communication in construction.

For new Buildertrend users, here’s how our powerful platform helps you better connect with all parties involved in a project.

1) Your team

Better internal communication means better teamwork and better productivity. You can’t afford to not leverage the features in Buildertrend that make your crew cohesive and collected.

First, there is Messages. You don’t want your team to balance texts, emails, meeting notes and more just to know what’s going on at any given moment. Juggling is for the circus, not construction. That’s why all correspondence should happen right in Buildertrend. With Messages, you control what’s shared all in one convenient place. Add job specific comments, dictate with voice-to-text and use your existing email account for extra efficiency.

Another big win for homebuilders is Daily Logs. With the click of a button, share important information with your employees – or sub, vendors and clients, too. These can act as a sort of site diary. Update it daily (you can even easily include weather details) to put an end to communication silos. This is designed to be easy to use in the field while giving the office real-time visibility into any job.

To-Do’s might be the field’s favorite feature. No longer will any crew members have to wonder what’s got to get done and when. Homebuilders can use this tool to create punch lists that lay out all the details. That means no more excuses if deadlines weren’t met and no more questions of “what now” or “what’s next.”

Good communication is all about empowering your manpower. Your platform for homebuilder project management does just that.

2) Your subs

Of course, empowering your manpower doesn’t stop with your own staff. Because subs are just as much a part of the greater team as anybody. That’s why you want communication to be buttoned-up with them, too.

New Buildertrend users should invite their trades into our system so they can also enjoy the features listed above. Each sub can have their own account, and homebuilders have the choice of what to share with them. The more subs you have in our system, the more seamless your processes. After all, sub management is all about good communication, and that’s just what Buildertrend was made for.

Pro tip: Set the expectation with each trade that this is how you’ll communicate moving forward. If they want to do business with you, they’ll need to download our homebuilder app. This will encourage them to use (and love) our smart software.

3) Your clients

Think good customer management is all about the build itself? Think again. Clear communication with your homeowners is just as important as the quality of work your company produces.

That’s where the Buildertrend Customer Portal comes in. You can deliver unprecedented customer service to clients by granting them direct access to their project through this feature. Using a unique login, homeowners can access the portal to track job progress, view the project schedule and even make design selections. All from the palm of their hands.

Those communication features you’re using to keep your team and subs in the loop? Yeah, they can help make communication with clients a cinch, too. Keep all messages in our system so Buildertrend acts as your single source of record, leave them daily logs with attached photos and videos for next-level transparency and even assign to-do’s as reminders if you need them to weigh in on something to keep things moving,

The sooner you start using the Customer Portal, the sooner your client experience and communication will skyrocket.

Level up your communication now

Communication is key to your company’s success, but sometimes it’s true what they say: Actions speak louder than words. Especially if that action is harnessing the power of your software to better communicate.

Schedule a time with your training team now to learn Daily Logs, Messages, To-Do’s and how to get your team, subs and clients involved.

Or, if you’re not a Buildertrend user yet, try our tech risk free today. If communication is a two-way street, let Buildertrend be your highway to more success.

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Sean Robinson Sean Robinson is a senior content marketing specialist at Buildertrend

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