Thank you notes: They’re kind of a big deal

Personal, handwritten thank you notes. Old school? Maybe a little. Time consuming? Can be. Effective? Oh yeah. Writing thank you notes to your customers after you finish a project can be a great reputation-building tool. Don’t believe us quite yet? Let’s look at why these are kind of a big deal.

When you open your mail, what’s the first thing you open? Anything that appears to be personal, rather than junk mail or bills (if we had to guess). In the world of all things digital, receiving a personal note will make someone’s day! The bottom line is that people enjoy receiving thank you notes. We know this might sound backwards, as you’re the one that just completed a project for your customer – but they did trust your company to do it, after all. And it’s no secret that building a home is an emotional process, so thanking them for trusting your company as their builder is simply the right thing to do.

We all know that a great project experience and delivery are the foundation of a referral; but, did you know that the power of word-of-mouth marketing and promotion is unmatched in helping to grow the possibility of a referral? The minute your customer receives this handwritten card from your company, they become even more likely to tell their friends, families and yoga instructors about your work! This note takes a great building experience one step further with a kind gesture to wrap it all up – bow included. And that thank you note might serve as a keepsake to remember the time they built their dream house or remodeled their bathroom just how they’ve always wanted. People don’t cherish texts or emails the same way they cherish a handwritten note.

So, when it comes to sitting down and writing these thank you notes, how do you get started?

  1. Use quality stationery that carries your company’s brand identity.
    Simple stationery with your company logo is just the ticket. Your customers will easily recognize the note coming from your company since they just finished a fabulous project with you.
  2. Be thoughtful with how you personalize the note.
    Take it one step further than just including your customer’s name(s). In order for this note to be truly personal, be sure to mention specific details about their project or a memory of something you discussed while you were working together (inside jokes are OK!). These details will show that you really wrote the note for them, and the effort will not go unnoticed.
  3. Start off by saying “Thank you.
    Seems like an obvious tip, but we don’t want anyone forgetting why you really wrote the thank you note. Thank your customers for choosing to work with your company and for the trust they put in you.
  4. Sign off warmly.
    After a long and involved project, your customers probably seem more like friends than customers, so don’t be afraid to be warm and friendly when you sign off your note. Wish them well with their finished project, say you hope to see them soon … anything of that nature.

While Buildertrend isn’t in the stationery business, they do value the power of a handwritten thank you note. Buildertrend also provides residential construction companies a user-friendly, web-based software to help them build more projects, complete projects faster, reduce costly communication errors, and maximize customer satisfaction. Discover how our software can work for you by scheduling a live demo.

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