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We’ve got the construction project management tools you need to keep projects moving and get jobs done on time and on budget.

Manage all project details in one place

Buildertrend has everything you need to stay organized and push jobs forward. Our project management features will help with team collaboration, accurate timelines and real-time reporting.

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Better communication with Daily Logs

In our project planning software, you can document and share important information with your team, subcontractors and clients. Send notifications with updates, conveniently make notes with voice-to-text and automatically record weather updates.

What are the benefits?

  • More efficient projects
  • Easier to manage projects off the job site
  • Improved communication with all parties

Easy-to-create Change Orders

Changes are going to happen. With Buildertrend’s construction software, you can create and manage change orders from the office or on the go with the mobile app. You can also streamline the process by getting approvals with electronic signatures and collecting payments online.

What are the benefits?

  • Convenience for your customers
  • Fewer lost payments on change orders
  • Easier way to track and document changes

More accurate timelines with Schedules

Use the Schedule feature, the backbone of our platform, to keep all jobs on track. Make adjustments on the go and notify key parties in real time. Use multiple views including a Gantt chart, sync with your Google Calendar, iCal or Outlook and make quick adjustments by linking your schedule items.

What are the benefits?

  • More likely to keep projects on track
  • Easier to maintain timelines
  • More jobs completed with the ability to take on more work

More organized Selections

Selections are an exciting part of the process for your clients – and our construction tech keeps them involved. In our Selections tool, you can provide clients the ability to choose selections online, keep your clients aware of the project running total and get signatures electronically.

What are the benefits?

  • More transparency for clients
  • Jobs keep moving quickly
  • Easier to keep pricing and products updated

Better time tracking with the Time Clock

Need an easier way to track time for your office team and field crews? We can help. Clock in and out from the mobile app, see who’s clocked in or out at any time and view your crew member’s location on a map. You can also easily run payroll reports with our time tracking software.

What are the benefits?

  • Saved time on payroll reports
  • More accurate time tracking
  • Convenient time clock on the app

Improved project planning with To-Dos

Create and assign tasks to your team and subs or set reminders for your clients. Add To-Do’s with voice-to-text, attach documents and photos and assign tasks to users and send automatic notifications.

What are the benefits?

  • More efficient jobs
  • More completed jobs
  • Enhanced communication with your team and subs

Reduced risk with our Warranty feature

Our electronic warranty makes it simple to track claims, submit warranty issues and schedule appointments. Attach files to support your claim, send and receive automatic notifications and take advantage of custom reporting.

What are the benefits?

  • Easier way to track claims
  • Less stress knowing your company is protected
  • Quicker reporting saves you time

Frequently Asked Questions

Buildertrend’s project management software can help any construction business manage their jobs with ease. We support residential building companies, commercial and specialty contractors and remodeling business of all sizes. Our platform has a range of tools that can move your business forward and help you reach your long-term goals.

As a contractor, organization can be one of your biggest challenges. With multiple projects in progress at the same time, it’s sometimes difficult to stay on top of all the moving parts. Buildertrend’s project management software makes file management easy by allowing you to store essential files, keep track of project details and communicate effectively all from one streamlined platform. You’ll keep everything separated into job-specific folders, so nothing ever gets lost. Project stakeholders can easily access the files they need anytime.

Between emails, phone calls, voicemails and texts, everyday communication in the construction industry can be difficult to keep up with. Buildertrend’s project management software helps you manage essential details and updates from any device all in one convenient place. Our construction tech offers several methods of communication that your team, subcontractors and clients can benefit from. All features within our platform work seamlessly to ensure effective communication for everyone, from anywhere at any time. A few of our user favorites include To-Do’s, Daily Logs, Customer Portal and Subcontractor Portal.

Yes! Our electronic warranty functionality makes it simple to submit warranty issues, track claims and schedule appointments. Managing warranties doesn’t have to be time consuming. Buildertrend’s warranty feature within our project management software makes it easy to file claims and even sends notifications alerting you of upcoming expiration dates.

Yes! Buildertrend’s construction estimating software integrates with many commonly used programs like QuickBooks and Xero. You won’t have to start over or spend time transferring information from one platform to another. You can also upload data from Excel spreadsheets directly into Buildertrend.

Yes! One of the best properties of Buildertrend’s project management software is that it’s cloud based. This means you can make changes to blueprints, project plans and other documents in real time. All file adjustments, project updates and daily communications are automatically updated and available to anyone who has access.

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