Mining the data field: How to win more sales leads faster with Buildertrend

Quickly winning the best construction jobs is easier said than done – unless you have Buildertrend. Our data shows which lead generation tool converts sales in less than a month.

What's the Buildertrend feature that unlocks sales success?

You want the best jobs – and you want to win them quickly and seamlessly. That’s easier said than done.

Even when your team is attracting job after job, the sales struggle is real. How do you stay afloat in the never-ending stream of project requests? Prioritize jobs that bring in the most dollars? Or, even remember what you last said to a potential client and when?

That’s where Buildertrend’s lead generation tools come in. More specifically, that’s where our lead activity template functionality comes in.

OK, sounds fancy – but what is it exactly? Great question. A lead activity template outlines when and how your team should reach out to potential clients. It tracks all this communication, too, so you have better visibility to where any deal stands at any time.

Emma Ramsbottom, one of Buildertrend’s helpful account executives, put it best.

“It’s important for our customers to use lead activity templates because it helps standardize and speed up the sales process,” Emma said.

“It ensures that leads aren’t slipping through the cracks and are getting contacted either via phone call and/or email when needed, which helps our builders win more projects.”

Don’t just take our word for it though. We’ve got the numbers to prove how powerful this makes our sales software. For this month’s data blog, we’re making the case why every construction team needs to add this tool to their lead generation tactics.

55.08% of sales leads sold

Alright, let’s make things interesting by playing a game of trivia. Ready? Let’s go.

Do you know the average sales close rate for businesses like yours? If you guessed near 100%, aim a little lower. In fact, research from Hubspot shows the figure sits around only 19%.

There’s another shot if you didn’t get that first one right. Here’s the second and last question – what percentage of deals are won when builders use our lead activity template? The answer is an impressive 55.08%

By adding order and organization to what can be a sometimes a scrambled and scatterbrained process, construction teams are doubling their chances of landing business.

27 days to close leads using templates

Busy builders like yourself don’t have all the time in the world to focus on potential customers. They’ve got current paying homeowners who deserve the lion’s share of their attention.

So, it’s not just good enough to successfully close sales leads. You want to close them fast, too. We’ve already proven lead activity templates help with the former … but what about the latter? By strategizing your communication, can you really speed up the sales cycle?

Our numbers point to a definitive and resounding yes. The median amount of time to close leads using templates is just 27 days. Compare that to the average rate of 97 days for referred leads to close across industries and that statistic becomes all the more impressive.

In less than a month, Buildertrend lead generation tools and email automation speed-up the transformation from stranger to sale.

4 activities make up the average template

There’s no doubt: Buildertrend sales templates are a big deal when it comes to growing your business. Our proprietary data shows the average template in our system is made up of four activities.

However, there might be a winning formula that incorporates just a few more steps. During her time as an account executive, Emma has seen the following cadence yield the most success:

  • Day 1: Apply the template the day a lead comes in and include a call and follow-up email
  • Day 2: Email
  • Day 3: Call
  • Day 5: Call
  • Day 7: Email
  • Day 10: Call
  • Day 14: Email

Of course, every construction company is different, and there is never one right way to win the market. However, standardizing outreach through a schedule like this is especially important for builders who take on higher job volumes.

“Remodeling and restoration contractors are a great fit for lead activity templates,” Emma said.

“Those types of contractors take on a higher volume of projects, and even if the client doesn’t move forward right at that time, there’s a chance they can win the contract down the road.”

Automate your sales process with Buildertrend

Through lead activity templates, you’ll never let another potential customer slip through the cracks. Instead, your team will always know when to reach out and track communication in real time.

Even better, through our Email Marketing tool, message sends are automated so the process becomes even more hands off. That’s not all our construction software can do either.

If you’re not yet using Buildertrend and want to see what our platform can do, schedule a demo today.

For those who already have our tech by their side, our data shows it’s time to start using lead activity templates. Because sales done right is sales done the Buildertrend way.

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Sean Robinson

Sean Robinson Sean Robinson is a senior content marketing specialist at Buildertrend

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