Customer success story


See how Buildertrend’s Customer Portal helps to sell more jobs and fosters a superior client relationship.

Their success story

“What we do a little differently than most remodeling companies is we typically will take all our clients to their appointments,” Jeff Sawyer said about his remodeling company, TruNORTH. “We help them set up their budgets and then we walk them through picking out all the different materials.”

The client relationship is just as important, if not more so, than the craftsmanship of a project. This is something Jeff and his team at the South Windsor, Conn., company wholeheartedly believe.

“We’ve focused our entire business on relationships, especially with our clients,” Jeff said. “Building those relationships is something we really strive to achieve.”

At TruNORTH, their superior client experience isn’t the only thing that sets them apart from their competition. They also have Buildertrend’s Customer Portal on their side to help foster the client relationship throughout the entire project and sell other clients on their service.

“The remodeling process can be really overwhelming, and they love having someone to help them through it,” Jeff said.




South Windsor, Conn.



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Customer Portal

Their story

Our why is relationships

When Jeff and his business partner, Matt Powers, were developing TruNORTH in 2017, they quickly realized their why – their purpose – was creating and sustaining meaningful relationships.

“We both came to the realization that we’re in this business because we love the camaraderie and relationships that come with it,” Jeff said.

And it’s not only the client relationship they focus on. They also put a lot of effort into the connections they make with their subcontractors and suppliers.

“We also really focus on our relationships with our trades, and our suppliers,” Jeff said. “So, we’re often doing events where we invite our subcontractors, our suppliers and all our employees. This allows our guys to talk to the people supplying the materials. It opens a line of communication with everyone in the field. It just makes for better projects.”

Because of these relationships, TruNORTH has continued to build upon its success over the last three and a half years.

What started out as a two-man show has grown into a team of 11 full-time employees finishing an average of 65 projects per year, about 90% residential and 10% commercial. They offer full-scale remodeling – additions, bathrooms, kitchens and decks – as well as their recently added roofing services.

Interior kitchen
Custom kitchen by TruNORTH

Their goal

Sustain excellent client relationships

As TruNORTH began to take on larger projects, Jeff knew it was time to find a system that would help with their client relationship management. With customer service being the cornerstone of their business model, he set out to find a construction software that would help meet their needs.

After speaking with several companies, Jeff decided on Buildertrend because the technology offered the most solutions for their business.

Buildertrend’s Customer Portal was the biggest selling point for TruNORTH. Being able to communicate on a daily basis and allow their clients to check in as often as they’d like was a game changer.

“I just think the interaction with the client and constantly keeping them aware of things, that was the No. 1 selling feature for us,” Jeff said.

TruNorth Bathroom
Custom bathroom by TruNORTH

Their Solution

Real-time, online communication

Even before demo begins and materials are ordered, Jeff is already taking advantage of Buildertrend’s construction software by using the Customer Portal to land jobs.

“When you have someone come into your office, you present about their project, and you can show them examples of how Buildertrend works,” Jeff said. “I think it really helps in the beginning of the process to actually sell the job. People are just blown away by the software and that it even exists.”

Jeff and his team love the ability to showcase their dedication to the client experience and build trust right from the very start.

“Buildertrend is a huge advantage for us because it shows our level of commitment to communication and keeping things on track,” Jeff said. “It’s a huge selling point.”

Once they’re sold, TruNORTH’s clients continue to experience the magic behind Buildertrend’s Customer Portal with daily updates, progress photos and budget tracking. They can also access things such as documents and selections at any time.

“We love the ability to communicate with our clients,” Jeff said. “We love the Customer Portal because we can place information, client selections, contracts and plans. It’s a great tool to connect us with the homeowner and keep them heavily involved. They just feel so much more ownership on their own project using Buildertrend.”

The Customer Portal is also great for when their clients leave town. No matter where they are, they can still check in from their computer or the mobile app.

“We’re in New England, so a lot of times, people will leave their house for a couple months and go to the Cape while we’re doing their projects,” Jeff said. “The Customer Portal allows us to interact with people that are on vacation and can still dial in to look and see what’s going on.”

Keeping their clients happy with exceptional service and the use of the Customer Portal definitely pays off. After projects are completed, TruNORTH clients are more than willing to give glowing testimonials and refer their friends and family.

“We do client testimonials at the end of some of our projects, and anytime we’ve used Buildertrend, the clients rave about it,” Jeff said. “That’s where I see the benefit. When we get a referral or a client sees that type of video, they instantly know our company is serious about communication, serious about keeping things organized.”

Buildertrend’s construction software is helping TruNORTH continue their rapidly growing success by ensuring client satisfaction before, during and after their projects.

Buildertrend is a huge advantage for us… it shows our level of commitment to communication
Jeff Sawyer, TruNORTH

Custom kitchen by TruNORTH

Their success

A step ahead of the competition

Construction software isn’t widely used in TruNORTH’s area, which gives them a leg up, especially with the younger generations. So, does Buildertrend give TruNORTH a competitive advantage?

“Absolutely,” Jeff said. “Definitely in our area. Especially with the younger crowd, people in their 20s, 30s and even 40s. They’re a little more technologically advanced. So, that sets us apart because they’re looking for that type of software. We can really speak to that demographic, and they love it. They think it’s great.”

Buildertrend and its client relationship management capabilities have given TruNORTH the opportunity to grow quickly over the last few years while maintaining their superior customer experience.

“Buildertrend definitely helps us sell jobs and keeps our clients happy,” Jeff said.

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