Ensure accurate estimates with construction takeoff software

Precise material and cost estimates are possible with Buildertrend Takeoff. Learn how digital measuring will reduce errors while saving you time and money.

Construction takeoff software that guarantees accuracy on every estimate

Buildertrend Takeoff is changing the way contractors kick off their residential construction projects.

Job planning and management can now be done in one cohesive platform. Users can upload digital blueprints, record measurements and create accurate estimates faster than ever. With our combined takeoff and estimating solutions, builders have everything they need to start each project with confidence.

What is construction takeoff software?

Takeoff software is a digital estimating solution that allows construction professionals to more efficiently calculate material needs and costs. Projects can be started quickly by simply uploading digital blueprints and completing measurements with the provided digital tools.

Why is construction takeoff important for builders?

The manual process of measuring for construction materials is tedious and time consuming. Plus, with the added element of human error, manual measurements aren’t always as precise as they need to be. Using takeoff software allows builders to calculate material quantities accurately.

Planning construction jobs comes with many moving parts and pieces. Keeping everything streamlined in one place with Buildertrend’s takeoff and project management solutions will guarantee every job stays on track from start to finish.

Here’s why you should be using construction takeoff software.

The benefits of Buildertrend’s construction takeoff software

Buildertrend Takeoff helps construction companies perform project takeoffs with more efficiency and accuracy. Contractors can quickly measure from digital blueprints, automatically create material lists and sync with the cost codes in their Buildertrend account.

Less time spent on manual measuring

Measuring a room manually takes a whole lot of time – time that builders could be spending on other tasks. Using Buildertrend Takeoff for project planning and estimating is 33% faster than manual measuring, according to internal data. With that valuable time added back to your day, you can spend it planning your business’ future, focusing on your people or taking that vacation.

Money saved on blueprints and materials

Construction takeoff software will add valuable time back to your day, and it can also save you money. Have you ever noticed how much you’re really spending on printing those large-scale blueprints? And are you ordering more building materials than you need? Using digital blueprints for all your jobs could save you hundreds if not thousands. Plus, with precise digital measuring, you can feel good knowing your material estimates are solid, and you’re only purchasing the product you need.

Increased accuracy and efficiency

Takeoff information can now be easily communicated to everyone on your team. Material measurements and costs are automatically sent from the takeoff to their Buildertrend account – keeping everyone on the same page.

With automatic updates and everything saved in one platform, teams have a single source of truth to work from. This means fewer change orders and less rework – leading to a more efficient job site.

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Features of construction takeoff software

Buildertrend’s takeoff software includes the following:

Blueprint uploader

This feature allows builders to upload their blueprints directly into Buildertrend. Builders can either upload their blueprints to their Buildertrend files, or they’ll have the option to add blueprints when launching a takeoff. The blueprints can then be used during the takeoff process for measuring and creating material lists.

Online takeoff tool

Our online takeoff tool allows construction professionals to measure the total area of their projects. They’ll calculate linear dimensions and the counts of each item, which assists in the creation of their project estimate.

Material estimates

With the online takeoff tool, builders can create and use customizable templates to estimate the material and labor costs. This means they’ll have a complete material estimate for each phase of construction from initial foundation all the way to roofing.

Cost codes

Builders can seamlessly create their takeoff and have their material lists automatically upload into their Buildertrend estimate. All they have to do is link their takeoff parts and assemblies to their cost codes. Users can also choose to select individual parts and link to their specific cost codes within their template or the takeoff itself.

Find out how to balance speed and accuracy when creating construction estimates.

Why choose Buildertrend Takeoff for planning construction projects?

There are many different types of takeoff software. Buildertrend Takeoff is superior to the rest because it’s a comprehensive platform that supports construction companies in every phase of their projects. It’s integrated with our robust estimates feature, which means you don’t need separate software. You can execute takeoff and operate finances, scheduling and communication cohesively. From kickoff to final inspections – everything can be managed in one place.

Why use a takeoff software combined with a construction project management platform?

It’s time to get value from our residential construction platform with takeoff and estimating solutions. Using technology to automate your processes will reduce the most time-intensive steps of starting jobs. Upload digital blueprints, measure quickly and ensure accurate material and cost estimates.

Is Buildertrend’s construction takeoff software right for me?

Buildertrend Takeoff is the best fit for any builder, especially if they’re currently using multiple systems for takeoff and project management to run their jobs. Buildertrend’s cohesive platform will reduce the amount of time it takes builders to start projects and help minimize errors and rework.

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