Create precise timelines with scheduling software

Buildertrend helps you recover from delays and prevent dead days. Learn how construction scheduling software keeps projects moving forward.

Construction scheduling software that keeps your jobs on target

Planning a build can be overwhelming. You’re making sure you have all the right materials, hoping subs can make it to the job site and wishing timelines don’t change. But we know things rarely go as planned.

Making timelines using pen and paper, a whiteboard or a spreadsheet can leave room for mistakes. When changes happen, you have to adjust schedules. This means tracking down every piece of paper or file with outdated information.

Buildertrend’s Schedule tool saves you from making back and forth calls to find out who will be where and when. There’s a simpler way to work with Buildertrend scheduling software.

What is construction scheduling software?

Construction scheduling software helps home builders or remodelers create, manage and monitor timelines for their construction jobs. Although general project management solutions exist, such as Microsoft Project or Google Sheets, construction scheduling tech is created with contractors in mind.

Before breaking ground, a timeline needs to be created to project how long a build will take and how much it will cost. Using construction scheduling software, builders can keep projects on track, view tasks and complete more jobs.

Fully integrated with Daily Logs and To-Do’s, you can go into client meetings knowing everything is right where it should be. If it’s not, you’ll know why.

Why is construction scheduling software important for builders?

Construction scheduling software is important for builders because it keeps everyone up to date with how the build is progressing.

For your team, you can see when and where people are supposed to be. This also means knowing when certain jobs are being completed to get ready for the next set of work.

Outside of your day-to-day tasks, using construction scheduling software allows you to track what happens when there are delays in the schedule. You’re able to make notes on specific days to explain why the dates for a build have shifted. Client can log in from their own portal to see those notes, too. That’s next-level transparency.

If your client has questions about the schedule, you’ll be able to explain changes in the timeline without hesitation.

Here’s why you should be using construction scheduling software.

The benefits of Buildertrend’s construction scheduling software

Buildertrend’s Schedule tool helps construction businesses keep their projects on track, maintain their timelines and take on more jobs.

Improved team collaboration

It’s not only project managers who can view the schedule – subs and clients can see it, too. Sharing timelines means team communication can be taken to new heights across every stage of the building process. 

How much time per week would you say your team spends giving and getting updates from one another? We’re probably talking hours upon hours – not just mere minutes. Buildertrend’s Schedule tool takes care of all that back and forth for you.

Keep projects on track

Traditional planning tools provide a static view of projects. With construction management software, business owners can observe work progress without visiting the job site. You can react to delays and make changes in real time.

A live view of the schedule shows when a sub is overbooked or if there are staff shortages on certain days. The Buildertrend Schedule stores all updates and changes. Everyone stays in the know, so you can have fewer meetings, calls and emails about what’s next.

Easier to maintain timelines

Having the ability to share visibility of the timeline with those involved, including subs to clients, helps everyone stay accountable. All aspects of the build, whether it’s clients making selections or scheduling crew members to a job site, impacts how the timeline progresses.

However, you – like any builder – know there are things out of your control, and it causes delays. The ability to accurately predict how this roadblock might impact the schedule allows you to pivot objectives.

More jobs completed

Keeping a tight schedule and quickly shifting work leaves room for more projects. One business owner, Cove Builders, shaved four to six weeks off every build. They were able to successfully complete more jobs by being able to switch between different dependencies.

Using scheduled dependencies, allowed them to see which tasks were delayed and how to move their crew around to finish work. Making these decisions allowed them to maintain their timelines and complete more jobs.

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Features of construction scheduling software

Buildertrend’s scheduling software includes the following:

Create templates for repeated jobs

When starting a new job, you don’t have to start from scratch. Using templates saves you from repeatedly entering the same information you did for a previous job. If you forgot to save a schedule, you can create templates from closed jobs.

Filter through multiple views

Not all construction teams work the same way – and not all projects work the same way either. With the Schedule feature, you can look at your timeline with different views. From a super focused day view or a zoomed-out phases list, seeing a schedule from multiple levels provides different insights as to how your work is coming along.

Sync with your personal calendar

Sometimes you don’t want to look at your work calendar every day, but you still want to know how a project is coming along. With Buildertrend Schedule, you can sync with your personal digital calendar such as Google Calendar, iCal and Outlook.
You can connect your job and project data to your personal calendar without adding any personal information to your Buildertrend Schedule.

Chain together dependent tasks

You can’t paint a wall that doesn’t exist. When creating the schedule, you’re able to set tasks to be dependent on each other. This also notifies your crew when tasks are complete, so they can start their work.
If there are any delays, all the linked dependencies are notified their work is delayed too. It creates a ripple and shifting your schedule automatically without you having to manually shift and adjust dates.
However, we know that not all changes should push back your end date. That’s where our slack functionality comes into play. Build slack into your schedules so that you can move tasks a certain number of days before successors are forced to move.

Now, the schedule reflects your most up-to-date changes, keeps things moving forward but doesn’t throw off your entire timeline. All it takes is a few clicks.

Find out how to respond to delays and still finish projects on time.

Why choose Buildertrend scheduling software for planning construction projects?

Planning construction projects with Buildertrend’s Schedule feature removes the need to combine a variety of systems.

Keeping all tasks in one place gets rid of the need to regularly update a whiteboard, filter through columns on a spreadsheet or risk losing a physical calendar. It’s integrated with our To-Do’s, Daily Logs and Time Clock, which means you don’t need more platforms to manage your jobs.

At your fingertips, you can see the whole build – from day one to deadline.

Buildertrend scheduling software is essential for all residential builders looking to get ahead. Gone are delays and dead days. This is the tool you need to get the job done right and right on time. 

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