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4 qualities clients look for in home builders

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When it comes to hiring a home builder, clients want to feel confident they made the right choice. Building a home is a huge investment, so choosing a builder they trust is the most important first step.

Every homeowner’s dream is different, but there are several must-have traits every client will look for in their home builder. Be sure to keep these four qualities front and center when driving leads and promoting your construction business.

1. Experienced

Potential clients want to choose a home builder with a successful track record and proven experience. When selling a job, it’s essential to display your confidence and knowledge around the home building process. This includes providing homeowners with accurate, timely information about product and material costs and realistic timeline estimations.

During the sales process, incorporate testimonials from past clients and pictures of your work. This will give potential clients a good idea of the work you do and whether or not you’d be a good fit for them.

2. Transparent

As a home builder, showcasing your efficient communication methods is a great way to highlight your dedication to transparency and managing client expectations. Conflicts in construction projects often arise due to miscommunication. Important details such as change orders or an increase in price can unintentionally get lost.

Clients want to feel confident they’ll be involved throughout the building process. Using project management software like Buildertrend will reassure them. Demonstrating communication features including the Customer Portal shows potential clients your commitment to transparency.

3. Professional

A crucial piece of owning and managing a professional construction business is ensuring you have the necessary insurance coverage and licenses. Homeowners who choose you want to know they’re protected in the event that something doesn’t go according to plan. Impress your potential clients by showing them this information before they ask.

You can list important legal information and licenses on your company’s website or even on your business card to make it easier for clients to see it! Homeowners prefer home builders who will stand behind their work even when something goes wrong. This is typically in the form of a warranty or a guarantee of service. Offering one of these options will make potential clients feel more comfortable choosing you to build their home.

4. Honest

When it comes to prices, homeowners are more likely to choose a home builder who offers honest pricing upfront. No one wants to invest in a huge, life-changing project only to discover there are several unexpected costs. While yes, things happen, and you can’t predict everything, there are times when unintended price tags could have been avoided.

Having an effective way to manage construction projects will not only help with estimates. It will also ensure you never make the same mistake twice. Better alignment of your finances and overall project management allows you to avoid added costs for your clients. Plus, you can promote an honest reputation for your custom home building company.

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