Does Buildertrend work on mobile?

You bet your app it does.

It’s time for everyone on your team to stay informed, no matter where they are.

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Mobile app schedule

Summary Screen

Quickly get the high-level job information you need, even when you’re on the go

  • The summary screen provides an at-a-glance view with everything your team needs in one place
  • Allow your team to create their own custom summary screen layout with the features they use most often
  • The summary screen provides a fast and efficient way for your field crew to use the app and keep projects on track

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Summary of Buildertrend app in mobile view
Daily logs

Daily Logs

Give your superintendents the power to easily document every detail of each project

  • Daily Logs allow for automatic documentation of field location and weather conditions
  • Allow your team to provide effective communication by attaching and annotating jobsite photos
  • Talk to text makes logging daily updates simple for your team. They can easily record field notes and share them with your team, trade partners and clients

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time clock icon

Time Clock

Save your field crew time by allowing them to quickly clock in and out right from the jobsite

  • Waste no more time with manual time tracking processes and submitting paper time sheets
  • Use Time Clock to implement geofencing and use the data to keep your field crew accountable
  • Avoid start delays by letting your jobsite supervisor manage clock-ins for your field crew

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Time clock mobile view


Give your project managers the ability to create and assign punch-list items in less time

  • Project managers can create and assign individual punch-list items to your team and subs
  • Your team can attach and annotate jobsite photos with To-Do’s to ensure clear communication
  • To-Do’s allows your team to track due dates and communicate with assigned users across all jobs

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To-Do's mobile view


The Schedule keeps your team and trade partners on the same page throughout every job

  • Easily make quick adjustments to the schedule from anywhere
  • Add workday exceptions to track delays and causes for missed milestones
  • Assign schedule items to your team and trade partners and automatically notify them as changes happen

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Schedule mobile view


Make things easy and give your field crew a single source for all jobsite files

  • Use the Buildertrend Mobile App to seamlessly upload documents, photos and videos
  • Share your uploaded files with your clients and trade partners or keep them private
  • Annotate on your plan sets and photos and share with your team in seconds

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Buildertrend product view desktop and mobile

Available for iOS
and Android

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