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Does your construction company deliver an amazing customer experience every time? If you hesitated with your answer, it might be time to make some adjustments. A great customer experience can be inexpensive to deliver and can generate rewards for years to come. We put together a list of the top things construction companies can do to create a memorable experience for their customers.

1. Talk it out
Whether it’s an estimate or an email, be clear with your customers. Don’t assume anything and encourage them to ask any question. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling like someone is talking down to you, so take your time to explain procedures, timelines and budgets in the least complicated way possible. If your customers feel they are respected, they’ll show you the same courtesy.

2. Be available, even when you aren’t
When a customer or prospective customer reaches out to you, be prompt in your reply or they may take their business elsewhere. Make sure you are easy to reach by using multiple forms of communication — phone calls, email, social media or your website. Homebuilder software (like Buildertrend, ahem) can provide multiple ways for your customer to review and offer feedback on projects without waiting to get on the phone or meet in person with you. Always be clear about your availability. If you don’t take calls after a certain time of day, is there someone else on the team they can contact, or should they send an email? It’s important that your website is up-to-date with correct contact information and business hours. Every customer should feel like they are a priority to you.

68% of customers believe the key to great customer service is a polite customer service representative.

3. If you’re not early, you’re late
Whether you’ve scheduled an in-person meeting or a phone call, be punctual. Make sure you are on time and available for your customer when they need something. If a delivery is delayed or a deadline can’t be met, be sure to communicate in advance. Forgiveness for little hiccups is easy when they are communicated early!

4. Harness the power of your team
Make sure your team is well-versed when it comes to your customer service expectations. Take the time to train them on best practices for delivering the optimal customer experience. A construction app can give your team a reliable way to share information so everyone can stay informed and answer customer inquiries. Give your team boundaries so they know how far their personal authority extends and when it’s time to bring you in to problem solve.

Americans will pay 17% more to do business with firms with great reputations when it comes to customer service.

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5. Technology is not optional
Streamline and enhance your customers’ experiences through technology. A superior project management app will keep your customers in the loop at any time of the day or night. A modern, user-friendly website can also serve many purposes. It’s your company’s online home and creates a first impression that demonstrates your expertise and reliability. Social media can inspire and educate your customers and prospective customers, too!

6. Meet your customers where they are
Know your customer and have a clear understanding of their budget. Work within their budget and avoid any hidden costs that result from unclear or incorrect estimates. Set reasonable expectations about what you can and cannot do within their budget, along with a realistic timeline for the work.

7. Fix errors fast
If a mistake is made, acknowledge your customer’s concerns as soon as possible and accept responsibility if there is an error on your part. Take the time to correct any issues the first time. It is important to offer guarantees on your work.

Companies that excel at the customer experience drive revenues 4% to 8% higher than those of their market.

8. Focus on relationships
You must work at building trust and fostering a relationship with your customers. If they trust you, they will be more likely to spread the word to others and help you build your business, as well as help you foster a trusted reputation within the community. When a construction project is complete and a customer is satisfied, take the time to send an email and show them your appreciation. It is much more likely that they will do business with you in the future if you work at building a rapport with them. And, they might even feel compelled to write an online review for you!

In this modern, fast-paced world, people have a lot of choices. Keeping your client happy should be one of the top priorities in your business.

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