Emergent Construction: Empowering clients through selections on historic home remodels

This building company takes pride in creating a stress-free experience for their clients. See how construction tech is making it easier.

Their success story: An Indianapolis home builder with the right platform to become a client-first business

What began as a part-time gig in 2007 turned into a full-time business in 2012. CEO Matt Troyer and one other carpenter started Emergent Construction and ran jobs as a two-man team before eventually growing into the 15-member company they are today.

They jumped headfirst into the business by taking on complicated, historic home remodels, which continues to be their specialty today. Much of their work is done in the older parts of Indianapolis, Indiana, on homes that require a larger amount of rehab.

Spreadsheets worked fine for a while, but eventually their growth and increase in business pushed them to explore other project management options. With the help of Buildertrend construction software, this Indianapolis home builder can provide transparency for their clients, and they take pride in their ability to walk them through what can often be a stressful undertaking.

“It speaks volumes to our process – the people we have and the tools we use, Buildertrend specifically,” Matt said. “We’re able to do a great job navigating people through a difficult process.”


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Their story: “Collaboration, Heart, Integrity and Awareness” at the foundation of their construction company mission statement

An emergent tree grows higher than the rest, towering above the surrounding canopy, capturing the most sunlight and growing the most fruit. This image inspired Emergent Construction’s name and principles as they sought to stand apart from other area builders.

Matt and his team have built their business around four core values that provide the foundation for every Emergent job – both large and small.

Collaboration, Heart, Integrity and Awareness are the driving forces that help the Emergent team see the big picture and the greatest long-term potential for each project. They consider every angle before they move forward, they always do what’s best for the client and they don’t overpromise.

Pairing these core values with great people and a vision to achieve the extraordinary has led the Indianapolis construction company to success for the last 15 years.

home interior kitchen
Custom home kitchen by Emergent Construction

Their goal: Manage all construction jobs in one place

Matt’s search for a way to organize his team’s to-do lists and schedules into one central hub ultimately brought him to Buildertrend in 2012. But it wasn’t long after that he decided to transfer all of the company financials into the platform, so their cost codes and QuickBooks would be seamlessly integrated. Only then did he realize how tedious and unreliable their old methods were.

“Buildertrend has streamlined everything into one spot,” Matt said. “It was headache to do everything separately, and the potential for lost information and money is just too risky.”

Now that he and his team have been using Buildertrend construction job software for years, Matt wonders how they ever managed their jobs before implementing tech.

“Everything was just so much less efficient,” he said. “I don’t know how we ran our business without it.”

home interior bar
Custom home bar by Emergent Construction

Their solution: Streamlined processes and communication with smart scheduling software

What started as a way to track to-do’s and manage schedules quickly turned into an all-in-one construction project management system. And it all starts with leads.

Emergent’s leads flow directly from their website to their Buildertrend account using the online lead contact form. This form adds convenience and eliminates the chance of double entry.

What are other builders doing that you should be?

With leads captured, Matt’s team can focus on communication, and that’s exactly why they’ve incorporated Buildertrend into the company’s sales pitch. They’re able to highlight the communication, transparency and the overall better experience the Customer Portal provides.

“Clients are buying a company based on the process they provide,” Matt said. “Showing Buildertrend at the beginning has helped to set us apart.”

Once a job is sold, Buildertrend’s project management platform ensures everything’s stored in one central location – making it ideal for streamlining processes and communication. The whole team has access, so everyone remains on the same page, and mistakes are caught before they become real problems.

The Daily Logs feature has saved the Emergent team from both unhappy clients and financial headaches.

“When a project manager posts pictures to Daily Logs, the whole team sees them,” Matt said. “We’ve actually caught errors by saying, ‘Hey, this doesn’t look right in the photo.’ It gets the conversation going, and we’ve saved tremendously because we’ve gotten ahead of a problem before it’s too late.”

Another feature that has proven helpful is Selections. Matt and his team will use Selections in the event that they need to look up an item that was used on a previous job.

“Selections has also helped because we get asked frequently what product we used for a project,” Matt said. “We can always go back to those jobs and find data easily. Just having that data available is so helpful.”

The Selections feature also makes it easy for Emergent’s clients to choose the finishes and products for their home with their contracted allowances. There’s no confusion because Buildertrend’s construction tracking software lays out all their options.

“As soon as we sell a job, selections are the first thing they jump into, and they’re heavily involved in that scope of it,” Matt said. “We also use the Customer Portal for payments, communication and everything else with our clients.”

Emergent has separated itself from other companies because Buildertrend creates efficient processes and fosters trust with their clients.

“Buildertrend creates clarity for our clients,” he said. “Once they see what they get with using it, they understand that they’re getting better organization and communication than they would with companies that don’t have a platform like this.”

Custom open kitchen and dining room by Emergent Construction

Their success: Added efficiency and better client experience

“Our old processes were way more cumbersome,” Matt said. “We had multiple different platforms, and none of them were talking to each other. Once we set everything up in Buildertrend, it was a relief.”

With everything Buildertrend has to offer, Matt and the Emergent team have created more efficient processes, which has led to an unbeatable client experience. They can now manage everything within one platform and keep they projects running smoothly.

“Buildertrend is the glue that holds our whole process together,” Matt said.

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