How to maintain good relationships with neighbors and why it’s important

Typically, we tend to focus on the importance of forming and maintaining a great relationship with your clients. Client relationships should be a high priority for many reasons, but have you ever stopped to think about their neighbors?

Building a new home or doing a remodeling project can be – well – loud and dusty! And let’s be real – listening to screeching saws, pounding hammers and nail guns for a couple months or more isn’t an ideal situation. This is exactly why forming and maintaining a good relationship with the neighbors should be a top priority. Being on good terms with them will build trust, show respect and can even land you more jobs.

For additional insight, we reached out to construction pro, Ryan Jenkins, of Tass Construction Group in New South Wales, Australia. Ryan talked about sustaining great neighbor relationships on our Instagram Live, so we reached out and are bringing you all the deets.

Why is it important to maintain a good relationship with the neighbors of your job site?

My role as supervisor, is to keep the clients happy and the neighbors happy. By doing so, the job and the service I produce speaks for itself. At Tass Construction Group, we build houses in high density areas and tight knit communities around Sydney, so it’s imperative to our projects to keep the neighbors happy.

As builders we need to show empathy for the neighbors. It wouldn’t be easy having a construction site next to your home for a number of months with high levels of noise constantly, contractors parking and taking up the streets and deliveries and equipment operation taking place in the street. This is their home and neighborhood where they should find comfort, safety and solace – not be intimidated or inconvenienced by power tools, heavy machinery and contractors on the job site next door.

None the less, having a job site next to your house is a disruption and inconvenience, so if I can help make it any less of an inconvenience to them, I will.

How do you communicate this to your team and subcontractors?

Our team and subcontractors are well aware that the neighbors are just as important as the client. I speak with my foreman and team on a weekly basis to ensure we are:

  • Sustaining a high level of property protection to the neighboring properties
  • Being personable with the neighbors, greeting them and being polite when seen
  • Being transparent with the neighbors and notifying them if there is an inconvenience such as loud work, deliveries, street blockages or dusty work

Being personable with the neighbors in the forefront allows them the capacity to be able to come to me more easily if there is a problem or issue, which I would then pass on to the correct personnel.

What suggestions do you have for maintaining the good relationship?

  • Personally knock on their door a few weeks prior to commencement and give them a commencement letter and your business card. Ask them if they had any concerns and take note of those concerns.
  • Give them an update visit, call or email every couple weeks just letting them know where you are with your work and what work will be taking place over the coming weeks.
  • Make sure your onsite team greets them and is polite at all times
  • Remember that this is intimidating and an inconvenience for them, so show empathy and work with them to make it as hassle free as possible

Can maintaining these relationships lead to new jobs?

We have had a number of jobs where we end up working on the neighboring home after the completion of the project. We have also had neighbors offer to give written testimonials that we can publish on our social accounts and website.

Let us help you maintain those relationships

We’ve got tools that can help you maintain great relationships with your clients and their neighbors! You can set up Customer Portals, set reminders to check in on the neighbors and more. Not sure where to start? Schedule a training with your account executive.

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