4 ways to build a culture of innovation to deliver a superior customer experience

See how you can provide a great customer experience with dedication to fostering an innovative culture

Culture of innovation

Sure, Buildertrend is the world’s No. 1 construction management software, but that’s not our only focus when it comes to innovation. We’re also innovative in the ways we develop and challenge our team to grow and in the ways we serve our customers.

Having a holistically innovative culture allows our team to be better, our software to be better and ultimately, it allows our customers to be better. The best people combined with the best technology equals the best customer experience. Which to us means happy construction pros with thriving businesses.

Here’s how we do it and how you can, too:

1) Build a team that goes above and beyond

It’s no secret that here at Buildertrend, we hire 10s. And there’s no way we’d be able to promote an innovative culture without our people. They’re the reason we were named the #1 Best Place to Work in Omaha and why we were recognized for being one of the Best Workplaces nationwide, according to a competitive national ranking by Inc. magazine.

Our dedicated Customer Success team raises the bar and provides award-winning customer service, day in and day out with a whole crew of innovators behind them. No matter the department, our employees do their part to ensure a superior customer experience. After all, our customers are the reason we do what we do.

In order to sustain a culture of innovation, you’ve got to build a team of excellence.

2) Give your team professional development opportunities

To help our team continue to grow and succeed, we strive to provide them with the professional development opportunities they need. Whether it’s shadowing fellow team members, attending online webinars or providing tuition reimbursement for continued education, we give our employees the tools they need to thrive in their roles and advance in their careers.

Allowing your employees to pursue their professional goals and fostering an environment of growth is essential for maintaining a innovative culture. The more confidence your employees have, the better they are able to represent and serve your company. By investing in your team, to help them become more knowledgeable and relevant in their skill sets, you’re also investing in your business.

3) Encourage your team to think outside the box

In addition to professional development, it’s also important to never stifle your team’s creativity. And here at Buildertrend, we encourage it. No idea is too small. We value our people’s innovative ideas so much, we host our annual Hackathon event. This event encourages employees across all roles and departments to work with members of the Engineering team to create a prototype application that advances our already robust construction project management software.

Giving your team the chance to be creative will promote innovation and really allows them to better serve your customers.

4) Create opportunity by cultivating external relationships

Buildertrend’s innovative construction project management features provide our customers with the tools they need to get their jobs done while saving time and money. But that’s not all. We also offer a number of software integrations and external partnerships that take our customer experience to a whole new level.

These types of relationships outside of your company will set you up for continued business growth and advancement in your industry.

Let us help you bring innovation to your construction business

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