Here’s why your construction website is a strong selling tool

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These days, everyone finds what they need on the internet. If your construction company isn’t online, chances are you’re losing out on a whole lot of business.

Creating a website and an online presence is for more than just marketing. No, really! A well-thought-out website with convenient, easy-to-use features will set you apart from the competition and can be the best sales tool in your belt.

Keep reading to learn more about what key assets you should include in your construction business’ website to stand out and close more deals.

High street homes
High Street Homes website

Make a great first impression with an impactful homepage

The first thing prospective clients see when they visit your website is the homepage. It’s your first chance to showcase your work and nail that initial impression. Your homepage should set the tone for the rest of your website and represent the standard of your construction business.

It’s also important to mention that your construction website should be mobile friendly and maintain a consistent design for every page. According to web design and development company BuildThis, 78% of construction company websites have consistent design and only 75% have websites that are responsive on mobile devices. As the majority of searches are done on a mobile device, it’s increasingly important to ensure your company site is adaptable.

City Homes
City Homes website

Highlight your finished projects with stunning gallery photos

According to BuildThis, 73% of construction companies display quality photography on their website.

The saying, “a picture is worth 1,000 words” has never been more true. One of the most important selling features you have is your portfolio or gallery. Potential clients want to see the work you’ve completed to help them decide whether or not your company fits their needs or style. Aside from your homepage, an online portfolio is the best place to display your finished projects and promote your quality of work and skill.

Harbour Restoration
Harbour Restoration website

Include an easy-to-use contact page for potential clients

Once a client has browsed your website and viewed your work, they may then choose to contact you. This is where a simple and efficient contact page comes into play. Your contact page should be easy to find on your top navigation bar, contact menu or it could be linked to other pages with a simple “contact us” button. The page itself should be clean with a fillable section for client information.

If you have a website built by Buildertrend, your potential client information will be sent directly to the leads section of your Buildertrend account. Never lose another lead in your inbox and say goodbye to the extra step of entering data. Manage each job from lead to sale to completion from one central location.

TBH Sterling
TBH Sterling website

Implement a customer portal and use it as a value proposition

Client portals are a great selling feature. Showcasing a client portal on your website creates intrigue and highlights the value of working with your company. Clients want to be involved with their renovation project or new home build. By providing a client portal, you’re allowing them to be included while making your entire workflow smoother.

With Buildertrend websites, you can add benefit and utility to your construction website with a customer portal login page. Eliminate the need to send your clients to another site and allow them login and view updates directly from your company’s page.

Let Buildertrend help you land more sales with a custom pro website

Ready to close more sales with a custom company website complete with customer portal and contact page that feeds directly into your Buildertrend account? Let us introduce you to Buildertrend Pro Websites.

When you sign up for our Pro Websites service, our team of website gurus will work with you to build a website that reflects your vision and helps attract the right kind of customers to ensure business growth. Every website comes loaded with the tools you need to promote your business, and you’ll have the ability to update the website yourself with ongoing support from our team.

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