Fine-tuning your follow-up

From automated drip campaigns to generic phone messages, your follow-up could be getting too impersonal, or even a little boring. So, what’s missing? Personal, exciting interactions. To transform more leads into clients, consider the following tips :

  1. Don’t forget about those who are already interested.
    Getting the attention of the masses is important, but could you be worrying about it a little too much? Don’t worry, we get that brand awareness is important, but you should really be capitalizing on any prospects that have shown an interest in your company. Pick up the phone and take a little time to reach out to those people that already gave you their contact information.
  2. Be speedy.
    Every minute that you spend not reaching out to a prospect is a minute that a competitor could be talking to them. Even if you are the better construction company, if they respond to a prospect before you, you are automatically put in second place. The quicker you follow up, the better chance you have at being a prospect’s number one choice for their construction project.
  3. Keep it personal.
    Even in the age of digital connections, a personal connection when hiring a construction company – no matter how big or small the project – is what customers are looking for. Whether it’s forming a common connection (ex: you both have 2 kids or you share a favorite sports team) or writing them a nice card, these personal touches will make all the difference.
  4. Spend money to make money.
    From customized “swag” to more advertising channels, you have to spend money to get those customers in the door. After you’ve had conversations with a prospect, you could leave them with a company branded item to keep you at the top of their minds after leaving a meeting with you.
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