Construction payment software – the better way to control your cash

Payments between subs, clients and your business don’t have to be messy. With construction payment software you can easily send and receive money – online, on your time.

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Construction payment software – the painless way to control your cash

Buildertrend Payments helps construction businesses pay their subs and receive client payments on time for every job.

We know waiting to get paid is a struggle. Hunting down clients for checks, the time spent to deposit them, paying your subs and reconciling it in the books all take a toll on the timeline and health of a project. With seamless online payment options through Buildertrend, you can wave goodbye to weeks of waiting and consistently keep your cash moving on schedule.

What is construction payment software?

Construction payment software is the faster, better way to send and receive money. It means more convenient options for your clients and your subs – and it’s the modern experience your business needs to keep everyone happy.

Why is construction payment software important for builders?

Buildertrend Payments makes paying and getting paid as easy as sending an email. Money is transferred through our safe and secure online payment provider for quick flow from bank to bank. No need for the physical exchange of cash or checks – just flexible payment options that don’t take extra time out of your day.

How it works

Whether you’re paying your subs or collecting money from a client, the process is quick and easy.

How to pay your subcontractors

Your subs and vendors choose their payment method. Digital checks are available immediately and physical checks are printed, posted and sent for you – no need to lift a finger.

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How to invoice homeowners

Simply send them an email and they’ll make a one-time payment through our secure link.

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Learn how Buildertrend is impacting the future of payments in the construction industry on this episode of the “The Building Code” podcast.

What are the benefits of construction payment software?

Get paid faster icon

Get paid faster

On average, it takes Buildertrend customers 42 days to get paid manually by check. With online payments, our builders get paid 16 days faster – and we can prove it.

Stop chasing checks icon

Stop chasing checks

Take the pain out of getting paid with convenient online payment options. No more awkward texts or pushy emails begging your clients to pay you. With online payments, asking for money is a whole lot simpler.

Build Better Relationships icon

Build better relationships

Don’t let your subs suffer from the effects of slow payments. Pay your trades quicker and easier so they can keep the project moving along and strengthen your relationship in the process.

Features of construction payment software

Invoice clients icon

Invoice clients on your schedule

Easily request payments when it makes sense. Whether it’s upon completion of signing the proposal, approving a change order or at the end of the project, get the funds you need – right on time.

Record and reconcile icon

Record and reconcile payments automatically

Eliminate double entry with seamless accounting integrations. Know the financial health of every job and say goodbye to year-end accounting anxiety.

Multiple payment options icon

Multiple payment options

Give your clients and your subs the options they crave. With credit cards, digital checks and physical checks, convenience is a click away.

Why choose Buildertrend Payments?

With our online payment solutions for builders, it’s never been easier to pay and get paid. Not only will you cut out the tedious processes from years past, but your clients and subs will appreciate the convenience of managing payments from the comfort of their device.

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The future of payments is digital. Want to learn more?

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