Buildertrend transformed Matt Risinger’s business

Custom homebuilder. Influential Instagrammer. Host of YouTube series “The Build Show.” Matt’s one for the industry’s leading contractors – and he counts on us to help keep him at the top. Risinger Build
Matt Risinger, Owner

Matt + Buildertrend.
A success story.

Risinger Build thought they were getting a new construction management software to help keep change orders in check. Instead, they found their secret weapon for overarching, overnight success.

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Favorite Feature

Online Payment Processing

This Buildertrend feature transformed Matt’s business. With Payment Processing, you can create and deliver Change Orders on-the-go.

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Matt’s favorite features

Why can’t you go a day without logging into Buildertrend?

Buildertrend is our main system of record – it’s the one place we keep everything we need. Our project managers use it daily.

How is your team better with Buildertrend?

We have plans. We have processes. We have communication. You change your business when you embrace Buildertrend.

What’s the biggest change Buildertrend made to your business?

It’s the record-keeping with projects, including daily reports, uploading images and the ability for clients to login and see a quick snapshot of what’s happening. I can sleep better at night, because I feel more secure the way we are tracking the progress of these very complex projects.

Matt’s favorite features

Open door with a lock icon

Customer Login

Deliver unprecedented customer service to your clients by granting them direct access to their project.

  • Give customers their own unique login
  • Allow them to track progress on the build
  • Upload photos and send messages
Payment Processing Icon

Payment Processing

Accept online payments via e-check, credit card or PayPal, and pay your subs just as easy.

  • Get paid faster
  • Invoices in QuickBooks are automatically updated when payment is received
  • Safe and secure
Training Support Icon

Buildertrend Training & Support

Discover award-winning support and customer service at Buildertrend. You will receive unlimited support and training for you, your team, and your clients

  • Training with a dedicated Buildertrend Coach
  • Gain access to other Buildertrend users
  • Learn via videos, tutorials and more
  • Watch live webinars to take your business far
  • Get help transferring your data

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