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Ditch the paper blueprints: How you can save money (and paper) with takeoff software

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Picture this: You’re walking around a job site, hard hat on, big blueprints in hand, thinking “There’s got to be an easier way to do this.”

Not only are paper blueprints a hassle to use and a strain on the environment, but they’re outdated and can cost you more than you realize each year.

Lucky for all you residential construction pros, blueprint software and takeoff technologies have the power to alleviate costs. Plus, these platforms improve your preconstruction workflow.

What is takeoff software?

Construction takeoff software is a digital estimating solution that helps builders efficiently calculate material needs and costs. In Buildertrend, takeoff tools allow you to plan and manage your projects within one cohesive platform. This includes the ability to upload digital blueprints, record measurements and create fast and accurate estimates.

How does construction takeoff software save your business money?

The digital blueprints available in takeoff software save you countless hours of wasted time, miscommunication and rework.

If you were to stick with traditional blueprint methods instead of investing in takeoff software, you’d actually spend more every year.

Takeoff and project management software is typically an annual investment of a couple thousand dollars, which might initially feel steep. However, the ROI speaks for itself (seriously, we have a whole return on investment report you can check out).

Blueprint printing costs range from 6 cents to $25 per sheet. Multiple sheets and multiple copies are needed per job. If you need four copies of a 25-page blueprint, for example, you could be spending nearly $2,500 just for one job.

Takeoff also saves you money by upping your estimating game. With automated measurements and blueprints, you can fast-track your estimating process. You’ll pay less in wasted materials and keep your project moving with fewer errors.

If you’re doing the math, that means less labor costs, fewer risks, a higher bid win ratio and happy clients. This will give you a competitive advantage that won’t just save you money – but will hopefully bring in some new business.

Why is takeoff software the answer for your construction business?  

With Buildertrend, builders can manage every step of their project in one seamless platform. Complete speedy preconstruction work with our new estimating tools, and take advantage of all the project management and financial features. Invoice subs with our QuickBooks feature or communicate with clients directly from your profile. Takeoff is just one piece of the puzzle.

Simply upload your digital blueprints to the app to fine-tune your estimates faster than ever. Set your scale, export your measurements and quickly calculate your material costs, labor needs and budget expenditures.

Really, it’s as simple as that.

If you’re ready to invest in digital blueprints, create speedy estimates and experience the best construction management software on the market, we’ve got you covered. Schedule a demo with Buildertrend today to learn more.

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