QuickBooks 2-way sync: The next big thing to make accounting easier

Managing finances can be a construction company’s toughest – and highest – priority. Whether it’s payroll or keeping track of project goals, finances definitely aren’t fun but we can’t deny they’re at the heart of business. Luckily, using accounting software in conjunction with your project management software makes life easier … especially with a true 2-way sync.

What exactly do we mean by 2-way sync? Well, with the upgrade we recently made to our QuickBooks integration, information can transfer between Buildertrend and QuickBooks, quicker and easier than ever before. You have the ability to take job specific expenses that originated in QuickBooks and send them back into your Buildertrend budgets for more accurate job costing across all of your jobs. Exciting, right?

Let’s get into some specifics. After all, you’re really just wondering what this means for you in your workflow.

When you integrate with QuickBooks, you will have the ability to send over bills from unpaid Buildertrend expenses. When those bills are paid in full within QuickBooks, the related expenses in Buildertrend will also be marked as paid, cutting down on duplicate entry.


This update will strengthen the communication between your accounting system and Buildertrend, ensuring one very important thing … better financial accuracy.

Along with this, we are making it quicker to send bills to QuickBooks by adding the ability to do so in mass. With this update, you will be able to select multiple Buildertrend expenses and bill them to QuickBooks all at once. This will reduce the amount of time spent sending this information to your accounting system, helping to streamline your process.

Interested in learning more about this integration? Email chris@monthend.com and see how Buildertrend and QuickBooks make the perfect combo. Monthend offers accounting services exclusively to Buildertrend customers. They know construction and technology, handling accounting integrations with QuickBooks, helping your team with tax compliance and creating the best reports. They’re experts when it comes to leveraging QuickBooks for greater profitability.

Or, if you’re just discovering Buildertrend, schedule a demo with us today.

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