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Risinger Build

How Buildertrend became the perfect fit project management and financial system for a construction trailblazer.

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Their success story

“I call Buildertrend the Holy Grail. It just manages everything,” said Kristin Chase.

That’s high praise considering it’s coming from the financial analyst of Risinger Build, one of the construction industry’s top builders of architecturally driven homes. However, to be the top, this team needed top tech.

Jobs were getting bigger and more complex. Keeping track of every last detail along with every last penny was proving to become a challenge … until they found Buildertrend.

Pictured above: Photographer Casey Dunn and architecture by alterstudio.


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Winning solution

QuickBooks 2-way sync

Their story

A company that’s both construction and media  

Custom homebuilder. Influential Instagrammer. Host of YouTube series “The Build Show.” Publisher of Matt Risinger is one of the industry’s leading contractors, with more than 80,000 Instagram followers and nearly 700,000 YouTube subscribers.

He’s also CEO and chief builder of Austin, Texas’ Risinger Build. Meeting the highest standards of craftsmanship, durability and comfort, Matt and his team have been elevating building standards for 15 years.

Most would want to keep their secrets of success to themselves. Matt isn’t most. As host of the “The Build Show,” he shows off his crew’s efforts and has established himself as a nationally recognized expert and thought leader.

“We have a focus on building science as well as the incredibly important aspects of fine craftsmanship and durability” said Steve Lesem, chief operating officer. “We take on demanding, difficult projects with owners that are seeking the best. Our builds are built to last.”

Casey Dunn photo

Photographer Casey Dunn and architecture by Hugh Jefferson Randolph.

Their goal

Finetuning financial workflows

Risinger Build wasn’t new to construction project management software by the time they adopted Buildertrend in late 2017. They were already using a program. However, due to training issues, it wasn’t broadly used by the team. Plus, it didn’t have the capability to handle finances in the way they needed as the media side of the business began to balloon.

As a former executive in the high-tech industry, Steve knew there had to be a smarter, slicker system out there. After some exploration and evaluating, Buildertrend presented itself as the best solution.

But, why? What made this software better than the rest? The answer is simple: Buildertrend and QuickBooks 2-way sync.

Their solution

An automated, all-in-one system for project and financial management

Printed invoices. Data entered into disparate spreadsheets. File cabinet after file cabinet. Not only was this way of work time-consuming, but it also left Risinger Build in the dark on where projects stood at any given moment.

“When you run a homebuilding company and you don’t have a system of record, every question you get is a nightmare,” Steve said.

Nightmares no more. That system of record for Risinger Build is Buildertrend. With information transferring between this project management software for builders and QuickBooks, better financial accuracy and accounting processes became a dream come true.

“When we are building a new home (note:  Risinger Build is a “cost-plus builder”), it is our fiduciary responsibility to report on every nickel that we spend on a project,” Steve said. “We put our initial estimate into Buildertrend, track every line item, credit card, invoice. All that links to QuickBooks. That gives us the ability for our clients to see how their money is being managed and absolute clarity on what we are doing.”

Alterstudio architecture

Photographer Casey Dunn and architecture by alterstudio.

Streamlining their financial processes, this integration decreased their amount of work while increasing profitability. It also helped the team to keep change orders in check

Change in construction is inevitable – especially if you take on the type of jobs Risinger Build considers its specialty. At any one time, they are simultaneously constructing five to 10 projects, with new construction homes costing $2 million and above. Some of these builds take years to complete, too.

Buildertrend makes sure change orders are a benefit, not a burden. Project owners can create change orders from the homebuilder app, get client approval with electronic signatures, collect payments online and keep it all running smoothly by syncing back to QuickBooks. From these change orders, or from estimates, the Risinger team can also generate line-item invoices.

“Everything is in the system. Buildertrend and QuickBooks are helping us go paperless and save time,” Kristin said. “Our customers can get in Buildertrend and see every process, especially the accounting process. We are very transparent. If they have any questions, everything is right there to see.”

Beyond financial tools that minimize risks and maximize margins, Steve said Buildertrend is unlike other tech because of its level of unlimited support. He and the rest of the team know that no question will be left unanswered and any problem is quickly met with a solution.

“I was looking for significant customer support so that my team can get the answers they need. They can get the education they need. The level of technical support they need,” Steve said. “Buildertrend is actually listening. I’m excited to have a good partnership with them, and I do view it as a true partnership.”

Buildertrend and QuickBooks are helping us go paperless and save time.
Kristin Chase, Financial Analyst

Pictured above: Photographer Casey Dunn and architecture by Hugh Jefferson Randolph.

Their success

A better run business that leads to a better bottom-line

For Risinger Build, adding tech to their toolbelt was never about saving money. It was about running a better business. Period.

“When COVID-19 and the pandemic came along, we were prepared to move to our homes and keep working,” Steve said. “We rely on fully hosted solutions for Buildertrend, QuickBooks and more. We don’t have any locally hosted IT systems with servers in closets. Our systems, including Buildertrend, have excellent up time, they can be accessed from any location and they are secure.”

Before and during the pandemic – as well as the for the better days to come – the benefits of Buildertrend have been priceless for Risinger Build.

“I wanted a system of record from a financial and project management perspective. Now we do have very tight processes,” Steve said. “Buildertrend allows us to take information and jump it into QuickBooks. That level of button-push efficiency didn’t exist before. As a result, we can work on higher value things and improve our business performance.”

Want to see the benefits of Buildertrend for yourself?

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Want to see the benefits of Buildertrend for yourself?

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