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Their success story

Brett and Kara Phillips, owners of High Street Homes in Fort Worth, Texas, had a scattered, inefficient process before a colleague’s referral to Buildertrend changed the way they managed their projects and communicated with their team. However, it wasn’t until recently that they began to use the platform effectively, and now, they’re really seeing the value with time and money saved.


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Proposals and Scheduling

bathroom remodel
Bathroom remodel by High Street Homes

“It really takes the right mindset and engagement to really get the most out of it instead of having a tool that you don’t use,” Brett said.

Before Buildertrend, the couple used Google Sheets to keep track of their bidding and cash flow. They recently hired a full-time project manager and knew they needed a better way to streamline their processes.

“Hiring a full-time project manager was the catalyst for us to engage in Buildertrend in a different way,” Brett said. “We’ve transferred everything over to Proposals, Estimates and Budgets. It’s been really helpful to actually track how cash flow’s moving through and syncing it with QuickBooks.”

Their project manager is also working through the project manager certification on Buildertrend’s Learning Academy, which has allowed them to successfully implement popular features such as the Schedule, Daily Logs, To-Do’s and Proposals. These features have played a big role in helping High Street Homes get organized, manage their construction estimating and create streamlined processes that have saved them both time and money.

Their goal

To implement Buildertrend’s features intentionally

As Brett and Kara started building more custom homes and their projects got bigger, they realized they needed a simpler system. They knew they had the tools they needed. They just had to use them.

“Since using Buildertrend intentionally, it’s allowed us to have more freedom,” Brett said. “There’s times in the build process where it’s easy to get overwhelmed because there’s so many moving pieces and you can feel out of control if trade costs keep increasing or if schedules get changed.”

By implementing Buildertrend’s custom homebuilder software, they began to see the true value of the software and what it could do. It allowed them to keep everything organized in one place and made managing projects less stressful.

“Buildertrend is this one place to put all of the data and facts, so that you can see everything in real time with real information,” Brett said. “It allows you to see when the job will actually finish, or where the budget is landing, so you can reduce stress or concern.”

upstate new york cabin
Upstate New York log cabin by High Street Homes

Their solution

Streamlined communication and processes

The High Street Homes team turned to Buildertrend to help the company keep new jobs on track and improve its methods for managing costs. Features such as construction estimating and creating custom proposals have helped the Phillipses keep projects moving and send information to their clients faster.

“For proposals, we use budgeting and estimating, and we’re able to do it so much more quickly,” Brett said. “Before it was a pretty time-heavy commitment whenever we were trying to get a proposal out to someone. Using these features in Buildertrend has really saved us so many hours and allowed us to get things to clients quicker.”

In addition to Estimates and Proposals, High Street Homes uses the Schedule feature to keep their jobs organized. And by adding To-Do’s to their schedule items, they can ensure everything’s ready to go at the start of each project.

“We have two new builds starting, and we used To-Do’s on that first day to make sure we have the list of items we need before we kick off,” Brett said. “Are our permits fully approved? Have we clarified any site preparation? So, that’s been really great to be able to integrate our To-Do’s with our Schedule items and make sure we have our checklist of things that are needed.”

Daily Logs is another feature High Street Homes has implemented with their schedule to establish daily documentation and communication. This has made it much easier to stay connected when they’re not able to be on site.

“When we hired our project manager, we had to be out of town for two different things,” Brett said. “Buildertrend allowed us to stay connected to the projects and see what was going on. We were able to check in on the Daily Logs to see if things came up or if there was information we could share to support our team.”

Organized schedules and streamlined communication aren’t the only benefits High Street Homes experienced with using Buildertrend’s custom homebuilder software. They saw just how much they could save by taking the time to set up Cost Items within the Cost Catalog for easy preparation of Proposals and Estimates.

“There were a lot of fees that we were eating or not including in our proposals,” Brett said. “Adding cost items has really helped us protect our margins, but has also helped as we continue to do fast, high-level quotes and bids, making sure we don’t lose money on some of those smaller items.”

So, was investing the time to build out their Cost Catalog worth it? You bet it was.

“Spending intentional time to set up cost items has and will save us thousands of dollars,” Brett said.

Buildertrend has not only saved them money, but it’s freed up a lot of time to focus on the growth and development of their small business.

“Being a small business with a small team, it’s a challenge to try and figure out how to maximize our team’s efforts and who needs to be where,” Brett said. “Buildertrend empowers our project manager to run his job sites with a place to store all of the information, and it gives us the freedom to work on other parts of our business.”

Buildertrend has given us more time, the opportunity to say yes to more projects and the ability to close more deals.

Their success

Time saved and growth assured

With Buildertrend’s help, the High Street Homes team has been able to delegate its time and efforts to focus on the company’s growth and continued success.

“Buildertrend has given us more time, the opportunity to say yes to more projects and the ability to close more deals than we would have without it,” Brett said. “It’s also allowed us freedom and opportunity to grow our business in very different ways.”

And if you’re trying to decide whether to give Buildertrend’s custom homebuilder software a try, take Brett’s advice.

“If you’re new or if you’re a medium-sized builder or you’re struggling to keep everything in one place, I know Buildertrend will help you organize, more effectively manage your team and serve your clients in a more powerful way,” he said.

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