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No service, no problem! Get to know our new offline capabilities

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Have you ever struggled to make progress updates or track your shifts with Buildertrend from the job site? Not anymore! With our new offline Daily Log and Time Clock capabilities, you can take care of these essential tasks directly from the field. Record job details or clock in and out right away, so important information is never missed. Everything tracked while offline will automatically sync once you’re reconnected.

These new offline capabilities have been highly anticipated by our users, and we’re excited to share more about them. We interviewed Austin Eilers, product manager, and Eric Stroud, associate product manager, to get the best insider information on this new functionality.

Gone are the days of forgetting to record shifts or track essential daily progress for every job.

What was the driving motivation behind implementing offline Daily Logs and Time Clock capabilities?

Austin: Many of our customers work on job sites in rural areas without internet connection. They rely on Buildertrend to efficiently operate throughout the lifecycle of a project, so we need to make sure their information is always accessible, regardless of cell service.

How did your team use customer feedback to guide the offline functionality?

Eric: Prior to the starting this project, we sent out a survey to our customers. Out of surveyed users, 80% said they encounter this problem at least once a week with most of them saying they’re disrupted by no service multiple times a week. We also conducted user interviews to get a deeper understanding of the downstream impacts of not being able to use the app due to connectivity issues.

Austin: Through the customer research, we identified the opportunity to allow the creation of Daily Logs and Time Clock tracking while on the job site. We found these two features added the most value to our customers’ day-to-day processes.

What customer problems are being solved with the offline Daily Logs and Time Clock?

Eric: With Daily Logs, users were not able to get information recorded on the site. They had to take extra time at home or back at the office to input job data. Critical details would be missed or forgotten due to the time between leaving the field and entering the Daily Log. There are also legal impacts to consider if information isn’t entered on time or accurately.

Austin: Additionally, with the offline Time Clock, the office staff is no longer responsible for manually recording the field crew’s time. It can now be done through the app on the job site. This functionality will eliminate the time wasted on manual time tracking or driving to the office to clock in and out.

How will these offline capabilities increase efficiency for our customers working at the job site?

Austin: Our customers will now have access to the Buildertrend app, which will allow the field and office teams to remain aligned through constant communication regarding job updates, issues and time tracking.

Eric: Customers will have peace of mind knowing that project information can be documented immediately from the field. It also frees up office administrators, so they can focus on other critical tasks such as financials.

Are there other offline capabilities coming in the future?

Austin: Through customer feedback, we are excited to provide this offline functionality that allows our customers the ability to add Daily Logs and track their time while on the job. However, we’re not stopping there. We’re continuing to evaluate additional offline capabilities that will positively impact our customers.

Track job progress and shifts from the field with Buildertrend

With everything we do here at Buildertrend, we know there’s always room for improvement. Whether it’s feature redesigns or product updates, our end goal remains the same: to provide the best possible experience for our customers.

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