Document control in construction is critical – here’s why

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Documents, paperwork and files – oh my!

But seriously, construction pros like you know that with every job, building project or remodel comes a boat load of essential documentation and paperwork. Although necessary, it can be a ton of extra work to keep track of it all – especially when you’re juggling several jobs at the same time.

That being said, it’s critical that you implement and maintain an effective documentation process to ensure your projects are streamlined and easy to manage. Taking control of your document management will allow for easy day-to-day operations and limit the amount of time spent on searching through documents, filing and other repetitive tasks.

Here’s why document control in construction is critical and how Buildertrend can help.

Store unlimited files and always be prepared

Buildertrend’s offers unlimited cloud-based storage that allows all documents, files, photos and videos to be stored, organized and easily accessed. No more searching through miscellaneous files on your computer or rifling through paperwork in a filing cabinet. Everything you need is in one place and can be found quickly with organized, designated folders for each job or within the Global Documents folder.

Being able to easily access your files also ensures that you’re prepared in the event that there is a dispute regarding terms of contract or work that has been completed.

Stay organized and avoid costly mistakes

It’s unrealistic to think that mistakes never happen on the job site, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try your best to avoid them, right?

By storing all important files for each of your jobs in one central document location, you’re reducing the chance of things getting lost. More importantly, you’re keeping things organized and making it much harder for job site mistakes to happen. Gone are the days where your team accidentally works from the wrong construction plans. By using Buildertrend’s unlimited document storage, all your files for each project will be neatly organized in job-specific folders.

And no need for printing hard copies of plans or documents. With the Buildertrend mobile app, all documents, plans and photos are available whenever and wherever you need them.

Real-time documentation ensures effective communication

Managing all your documents from one central location keeps everyone on the same page. I’m sure you’ve all experienced a time when your office team had documents with one set of markups, but your field crew was working with a different set of markups. Hard to admit, but it happens.

You can avoid additional work by allowing your job site team, office team and subcontractors to view and work from the same documents. Any markups or annotations made will be updated in real time, eliminating the need for guess work or backtracking.

Keep your clients involved every step of the way

Homeowners want to be involved in the building or renovation process in any way they can. A great way you can help them to feel included is by sharing files like photos, videos and necessary documents. By using Buildertrend’s Customer Portal, your clients can log in and see all the content you have shared with them.

The Customer Portal is a great way to stay connected with your clients without having to do regular in-person meetings. You can share and request signatures on documents and upload progress photos and videos to keep them involved. Any information you share on the Customer Portal will be there for the duration of the project, so your clients can access and refer to it anytime without having to contact you.

Sharing your files with your clients not only makes them feel included, it ensures effective communication and transparency.

Let us help you take control of your construction documents

Let’s be real, you went into construction because you love to build things, not because you’re thrilled by the idea of filling out paperwork and filing documents. So, let us help you get back to spending more time doing what you love. Give us a call if you have questions about managing your files with Buildertrend and our team will be happy to help.

If you’re new here and ready to manage your business with the best construction management platform, schedule a demo today!

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Chelsea Cole
Chelsea Cole

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