How to turn new leads into new jobs

New leads

Converting small leads into big opportunities is no easy feat.

For many construction companies, it’s a time-consuming cycle of checking in, emailing, calling, face-to-face meetings and having a sense of intuition on who deserves the most attention.

New Buildertrend users can put an end to this rat race. Our construction project management software is your path to more projects – and profits. Before any concrete is poured or windows framed, you need a system in place to manage potential customers and land more jobs. Buildertrend is lead management done right, taking your company from small timer to industry tycoon.

Here’s how Buildertrend perfects pre-sales for construction companies with just three features:

1) CRM

Buildertrend is more than just project management software. It’s also the strongest salesperson on your team with the CRM feature. This acts as the place to create, capture and close all prospects.

Empowering your business with options, there are four different ways to add leads to Buildertrend.  Just pick the method that best suits your team. You can manually add them, import from an Excel spreadsheet or effortlessly go from click to customer by inputting leads from our app while on the go. The final way is a customer favorite. At no additional cost, connect your website to our software so that leads instantly rush into our CRM feature after potential clients fill out a form online.

Once a lead is added, you can maintain the details to show your confidence in the sale, projected sale date, who the salesperson is and much more.

All this works together to remove the friction from pre-sales. Now your team can always access, analyze and collaborate on deal data together.

Elements of a contract

2) Email Marketing

You don’t need a master’s in marketing to conquer email campaigns. You just need Buildertrend.

Any contractor can become a lean, mean email marketing machine with this feature. Just a few clicks do the trick, too. From the palm of your hand, automate drip email campaigns that turn cold leads warm and warm leads hot. These are the type of high-quality emails that get opened, keep attention and motivate consumers to act.

Our team will even help bring your campaigns to life. We can instruct contractors on how to create an email drip using activity templates that keep leads engaged. Push notifications can be sent to your phone the moment a lead responds, too. That means you can reply quick to further show potential customers just how on top of everything you truly are.

3) Proposals

Fast. Easy. Powerful.

That’s our Proposals tool in action. Yep, our system makes it super simple to build estimates, deliver customized proposals and ultimately sell more jobs.

Using this feature, we’ll take your pen-and-paper contract process and automate it. Each contract in our system will have the important boilerplate and legal language, and you can create multiple proposal templates for your team to use.

The streamlining continues when you consider the fact that pre-sales has gone digital in Buildertrend. Printed proposals? Not anymore. Instead of meeting with a client then racing to draft a proposal, quickly produce one right on the spot. You can even collect electronic signatures to keep things moving and get to the job itself.

4) Bonus! Customer Portal

While not part of our pre-sales suite of features, the Customer Portal is another powerful tool to help you land lands. Consider this. According to our 2020 Buildertrend data report, today’s homeowners value digital interactions and ease of communication when working with residential construction businesses.

That’s where our Customer Portal comes in. Through a unique login, clients can stay informed by viewing job progress, the project schedule, pictures or videos and more. Plus, they can make selections, complete online payments and communicate with your team – all in one place.

Don’t wait until a lead becomes a customer to show them this powerful tool. Do it while you’re trying to land the sale. This demonstrates you’re the type of digitally savvy construction professional they want to work with.

Take the lead with Buildertrend

Winning over leads and besting the competition seems to happen automatically with Buildertrend by your side. To start growing your business the stress-free way, schedule a training and master these features.

Or, if you haven’t begun using the No. 1 construction project management system, schedule a Buildertrend demo now. Our tech is sure to impress.

Manage leads. Land jobs. Repeat. With Buildertrend, it’s that easy.

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Sean Robinson Sean Robinson is a senior content marketing specialist at Buildertrend

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