5 signs it’s time to upgrade your company’s project planning software

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Many construction businesses want to save as much money as possible, so they’ll squeeze as much out of a product or service as they can before they decide to upgrade. This could leave your company behind the competition and behind on technology that could help run your business more efficiently.

To avoid this, put some guidelines in place to know when it’s time to upgrade your project planning software. Here are five issues to look for when auditing your construction company’s technology tools.

1. You’re duplicating efforts

Many older software applications require employees to enter the same data and information multiple times, which ultimately leads to duplication and lost time. If you’re using a cloud system, a time tracker and a Gantt chart in multiple applications, consider how much time is wasted simply by duplicating information.

You should be able to integrate your software systems so that you’re not entering the same information in multiple places! Construction management software like Buildertrend seamlessly integrates with popular accounting tools like QuickBooks and Xero, as well as takeoff and estimating software.

2. Your software can’t be used on the go

Are you still using a project management software that is literally installed on your computer to handle your planning needs? Then it’s time to reap the benefits of a cloud-based platform.

Working in construction means there will be times when you’re out in the field and need access to data when you aren’t hardwired at the office. A construction app that can be used online or on mobile is far more efficient, increases speed of communication, has seamless integrations and is easy to implement. Plus, you don’t have to worry about maintaining it because the company hosts and updates it for you.

3. You can’t get updates quickly or automatically

Status updates for your construction projects can be integral to completing tasks on time. If project managers have to consistently reach out for updates on where the project is, or if your customer is wanting updates that you can’t give them, your project management software is simply not working for you. You should be able to check on the status of any stage of any project at any moment and send updates with the click or tap of a button.

With Buildertrend’s construction app, you can assign tasks to your team, attach photos and send out automatic notifications to your team and clients – all with our To-Do’s feature. Another useful communication tool? Our Customer Portal gives customers a login so they can track progress on their build.

4. Your software isn’t customizable

Software, and technology in general, changes so fast that there should be no need for an application to dictate the way you run your business. If you can’t customize the software to work for you instead of against you, then it may be time to consider an upgrade. Unfortunately, not all systems can seamlessly scale alongside your business growth. With more people, more complex projects and more data, you’ll need to find construction management software that can handle your company’s needs.

5. Your software is difficult to use

If your current project planning software is difficult to learn and use then your company loses productivity and ultimately profit. Project management software and tools should be practical and simple to learn and use. If you’re spending hours, days or weeks on learning how to use your software, then it’s time to let us help you.

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