7 reviews you need that will drive word-of-mouth referrals

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Congratulations! You’ve conquered the competition and landed a new client.

We know exactly where your head’s at now. You’re already looking forward to making their dream home a reality.

But let’s pump the breaks and look further into the future. Imagine the moment when those clients are describing their build experience to friends, family and their new neighbors. What are they saying? Are they rave reviews? Or two thumbs down?

When it comes to clients, everyone’s a critic. So even if your work is worthy of five stars, the client experience may have been subpar. If that’s the case, word-of-mouth referrals will be … well, anything but positive.

So, let’s take the focus off the finished product and put it on your business. What can you do to increase referrals and get more clients?

Here are seven things you want customers saying about your construction business – and how home builder software helps drive positive word-of-mouth referrals.

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1. “They don’t just communicate – they collaborate.”

It’s time to think outside the inbox.

Juggling multiple and outdated methods of communication is dizzying and draining on your time. Instead, bring all correspondence with clients into one place through Buildertrend. Construction project management software like ours can double as your all-in-one communication tool for both your team and your clients.

If clients have a question, they can easily send a message from their phone or desktop computer in the Customer Portal. No need to leave a voicemail or send an email that might get overlooked. Your quick response rates will be much appreciated and take basic communication to the level of collaboration.

2. “They’re always ahead of the curve. Real innovators.”

Client expectations have changed rapidly in the digital age. Are you ready to exceed them?

If not, no sweat. Buildertrend gets you there – and then some.

Our homeowner data report uncovers what today’s tech-savvy consumers want from their contractors. It’s home builder software they can easily access to make the building experience better and faster. With Buildertrend in your toolbelt, your clients will receive the innovative construction experience they crave – and make your company stand out against those still using pen and paper.

Construction software also allows your employees and subs to collaborate and contribute to the client experience. By building an innovative culture within your company, your team will be set up for success to ensure a satisfied customer every time.

3. “They’re problem solvers (sometimes even before the problem arises).”

You don’t need a crystal ball to predict and combat problems before they happen. You just need Buildertrend. These tools will help create a memorable client experience by showing your ability to adapt and solve when issues arise:

  • Schedule: This responsive feature helps you plan for dead days and foresee potential bottlenecks.
  • Messages: Keep all communication in one place, where employees, subs and clients can discuss and solve problems to keep the project moving.
  • Daily Logs: Subcontractor rework is no longer an issue while you monitor their activity right in the platform.

Construction software is the solution for putting pain points where they belong: In the past.

4. “They helped guide us through the entire process.”

You don’t want to win the job, then leave your clients hanging. Instead, this is your chance to be the expert, especially if you’re working with first-time home buyers.

Your clients might not know what to expect or how to navigate a build when they sign on to work with you. They might not even know what questions to ask.

Buildertrend helps you guide them through it all.

Start by adding daily progress updates with the touch of a button and show off your amazing work by adding photos and videos, too.

Another great way to be transparent with your clients is by sharing the entire job schedule so they know what’s happening and when. It seems like a small gesture, but the impression it leaves is huge. It’s proof you’re with them every step of the way.

5. “They keep me informed, down to the last penny.”

When it comes to their money, clients want to be looped in, not left in the dark. That’s why our Selections feature is a client’s best friend.

You can manage your client’s design choices right from the Customer Portal in Buildertrend. And while they make these decisions, the project running total is updated so they always know where they stand.

Transparency into the budget makes the Customer Portal an invaluable tool for a homeowner. A well-informed client during the build leads to a satisfied customer at the end of the project. One who will fall in love with your business and will be excited to share the love in the form of a referral or an online review.

6.  “They listen. Like, really listen.”

The construction industry is in the customer service business. So as a contractor, you have to be willing to listen to it all – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Using efficient communication tools is a great place to begin. Keeping all correspondence in one place and quickly replying shows the client that you’re a great listener.

But the best builders go a step further.

Buildertrend customers give their clients a way to review the completed work and describe their experience through Surveys. Good news or bad, this shows you care about feedback and strive to find a better way of doing business. Even better, you can easily share all those positive remarks on your website to start giving power to positive word of mouth.

7. “Efficiency? Yeah, they’ve got that mastered.”

No matter how great your relationships is with a client, nothing can spoil it faster than a job that goes over budget or over deadline.

This isn’t the way of a Buildertrend builder. Why? Our construction app saves builders a ton of time and money. Then, those savings trickle down to benefit their clients. So, what kind of savings are we talking about?

Here’s the return on investment our current customers are cashing in on:

Check out our collection of case studies where real construction companies share how Buildertrend led to game-changing results for their business.

Bonus! “That build was easy because of Buildertrend.”

OK, so that’s eight positive things clients should be saying about your business. But that last one couldn’t be forgotten.

Buildertrend is the way to create a memorable client experience and grow your construction business through the power of referrals.

To see our platform in action, schedule a demo now.

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