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CRC Builders

Learn how this luxury home builder scales for growth with a modern HR solution

Their success story

For CRC Builders, the right way of doing business is the HARP way.

Encompassing their core values, this acronym asks them to be (H)umble badasses, (A)scend in what they do, be (R)elentlessly tenacious and have (P)assion to deliver on their promises.

It’s a tall order – but one they can more than fill with Buildertrend construction software. Over the last several years, the company has experienced 25-35% growth with no sign of slowing down. But they can more than keep up. That’s because Buildertrend empowers them to save hours on once outdated processes, centralize workflows and keep a focus on delivering HARP-level quality.

And it’s not just their bottom line that’s growing. Their team is, too – and that’s what makes Buildertrend’s integration with Gusto so powerful for companies like CRC Builders. It’s scalability simplified.


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Their story

Blazing a new trail in Napa

The average CRC build falls anywhere between $3 million and $18 million. These are the types of homes that make a statement, and this team is dedicated to delivering finished projects worthy of being the center of attention.

No detail is too small. No goal too ambitious. This holds especially true when helping piece back together clients’ lives. Much of CRC’s business in the past couple of years have been estate rebuilds due to forest fires.

With so much at stake – both financially and personally – CRC never settles on good enough.

“Creating a better experience for clients is something we invest in and believe is a never-ending process,” said Chris Wallace, accounting manager.

CRC Builders Custom Home Exterior
Custom home exterior by CRC Builders

Their goal

A robust platform for rapid growth

As a customer-centric company, CRC Builders first sought out Buildertrend as a way to better keep homeowners in the loop. The construction software’s Customer Portal was the perfect fit.

“Lots of our clients are building their second or third homes. They’re not always in town, but they want to see what’s going on,” Chris said. “With the Customer Portal, we can keep clients up to date and informed throughout literally every day of the project. That’s what sets us apart.”

The more in demand the company became, the more tech like Buildertrend was needed to make communication click-of-a-button simple and speedy. Honoring their core values required offering the same quality tools to their ever-expanding team – one that ballooned to 40 employees in 2021.

Gusto proved to be the answer.

CRC Builders Custom Kitchen
Custom home kitchen by CRC Builders

Their solution

Gusto: An all-in-one payroll, benefits and HR platform

A successful business starts with a successful team. Gusto gets construction companies there – and CRC Builders serves as proof.

This isn’t just some random tech solution with no association to Buildertrend either. Gusto is the construction software’s preferred HR solution. Much like what Buildertrend does for project management, Gusto does for people management. It helps businesses thrive by taking old practices and making them new.

“All the things that challenge small- to mid-sized businesses, Gusto takes care of and makes it simple,” Chris said.

One of those challenges is payroll – specifically payroll managed by spreadsheets. Newer copies getting overridden by old versions, manually putting in every hour, the nightmare of tracking time off … CRC knew all these horrors all too well.

Those pains are now in the past. Gusto wrangles the chaos by taking caring of business, including direct deposits to employees and subs, W2 reporting, time-off tracking and automatic tax filing. Often times, CRC never has to lift a finger.

“It’s soup to nuts as I would say. It integrates really well, too,” Chris said. “Information flows from one system to the next and boom. We can run payroll in a few clicks.”

That’s one of the biggest benefits of making the switch to Gusto – how well it integrates with Buildertrend. Construction teams that use our Time Clock feature can send logged shifts directly from our system straight to Gusto. Time off and holidays are automatically calculated, no extra steps needed.

Say goodbye to double entry and hello to effortlessly connecting field and office. And the reasons to join Gusto don’t stop there.

CRC Builders also uses this HR management platform for their hiring and onboarding. Gusto can send offer letters, drafts welcome notes and stores employee documentation in one organized hub. Once someone is officially part of the team, they can use the platform to request paycheck stubs, view available time off and manage expense reimbursements.

“Gusto is our own little HR department,” Chris said. “It’s not just for the company but for the employees as well. This is tech at its finest.”

All the things that challenge small- to mid-sized businesses, Gusto takes care of and makes it simple.
Chris Wallace, Accounting Manager

Custom home exterior by CRC Builders

Their success

50% less time spent on HR

The demand for this luxury home builder may be rising, but the stress of running the business is falling. That’s a good thing because this team doesn’t have a second to waste.

With tech solutions like Buildertrend and Gusto working together to take care of both their projects and people, CRC Builders is free to focus on living up to their HARP promise.

“These newer technologies take all that worry off your shoulders. Gusto alone is saving us 50% of our time in HR,” Chris said. “It’s reliable. It’s trustworthy. We can count on it to be correct.”

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