Have you heard about the power of word-of-mouth?

Let’s be honest. Competition for new customers is fierce.

One of the most valuable ways to attract new customers is to simply let your most satisfied customers do the talking for you.

Don’t underestimate the power of buzz! Surveys show 92% of consumers around the world say they trust word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of advertising.

Thanks to social media, word-of-mouth doesn’t just spread from one person to another – one person’s recommendation can influence hundreds of followers. One Facebook or Instagram shout out can pack a promotional punch for businesses of all sizes.

So, how can you harness the power of word-of-mouth? Here are a few tips:

1. Put customer satisfaction first

Bad word-of-mouth packs a punch, too. Dissatisfied customers typically tell nine to 15 other people about their experience, and some tell 20 or more. So, make sure you’re making customers happy because “ain’t nobody got time for that.” An easy way to make them happy? Streamline your communication and provide them with updates! An easy thing to do when you’re using project management software. Just sayin’.

2. Ask for it

Many companies make the mistake of never simply asking for referrals, and some make the mistake of asking after the construction project is completely over. Your best route? To set the expectation earlier on in the process so they know what to do when your project comes to a successful close.

3. Reward referrals

Maybe it’s just a $5 Starbucks gift card or it’s a 5% repeat customer discount. No matter what reward you choose, providing one for a referral is a great way to push those people who might not act on their own.

4. Surprise and delight

Do things that are so surprising and delightful (handwritten thank you note, a small gift at completion of that kitchen remodel, etc.) that they can’t help but tell friends. I mean seriously, who doesn’t love a little surprise?

5. Engage with customers on social

In this day and age, interactions on social media help make great impressions! If they’re following along on your platforms, maybe share some before and afters of their remodel and tag them (if they’re cool with it, of course). This simple interaction will make them feel awesome about their project they’re entrusting you with.

6. Get some positive publicity 

Simply put, positive publicity puts your business at the forefront of people’s minds. The best part? It makes them much more inclined to spread the word about your construction business! A little coverage of that tournament you sponsored or that donation to a local charity will be just the ticket to get the people talkin’.

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