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The Bridge Group Construction

Getting better with age: How one senior living contractor improves and grows business with tech.

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Their success story

Eighty thousand square-foot properties. Long corridors. Spaces accommodating health services and accessibility.

Building for senior care communities presents a myriad of unique challenges – and those challenges are only set to ramp up in the coming years. With the baby boomer generation entering their sunset years and life expectancy increasing, there are more than 65 million over the age of 60 who currently need or will need care.

The Bridge Group Construction company is up to the test. This commercial contractor services the senior living industry exclusively, so they need a solution that helps them meet increasing demand.

They found that solution in Buildertrend.


Renovation for senior care communities


Flower Mound, Texas



Winning solution

CRM tool

Their story

Quality building for quality care facilities

“We want the best outcome for residents, period,” said Lucas McCurdy, founder and owner of The Bridge Group Construction. “When you get in there and you meet the people who live and work in these communities, you fall in love with it.”

For Lucas and his team, this business is about more than doing good construction. It’s about being good stewards to the senior living industry.

Every person in The Bridge Group Construction crew approaches projects with a deep understanding of what older adults need in their living environments. It’s all about skillfully creating spaces with convenience, comfort and safety in mind.

“There is a big gap in commercial general contractors and limited options for those who can complete the complicated construction processes senior living requires,” Lucas said. “That’s my passion – to bridge that gap.”

Bridge group cafeteria

Renovated cafe by The Bridge Group Construction

Their goal

A one-stop place to house all operations

The Bridge Group may service the senior community but it’s still in its infancy stage as a business. They opened in January 2019 and quickly realized they needed a single system to manage jobs. As the company got off the ground, the team began to grow and so too did demand.

Lucas likes to think of construction projects like puzzles – and their piece count seemed to be quickly increasing. It was time to find a platform that could help bring the chaos all together.

“Initially, we focused our attention on more traditional big box robust construction management for commercial contractors,” Lucas said. “They were very overwhelming, very expensive and more than what we needed.”

Then they found Buildertrend.

Their solution

A CRM tool that converts leads into actual jobs  

Beyond its ease of use and affordability, Buildertrend’s biggest selling point was the fact it’s a selling machine. With a built-in CRM tool, The Bridge Group could track leads then easily switch them over to active projects all in one place. This eliminated the need for multiple, cobbled together systems.

Buildertrend made sales seamless.

“It’s not just a CRM that’s bolted onto something else,” Lucas said. “I can track my sales, push them over to jobs, manage the projects, budget it and tie to accounting. It’s the sales tool’s ability to integrate with the things that make my business run day to day. Take away one of those steps and I would need another system.”

The CRM feature further empowers The Bridge Group by giving them the ability to forecast what comes next. Anybody from the team can see the status of any lead, increasing visibility companywide on outlook for the next 30 to 60 days. They can then better plan and adequately allocate resources.

Hallway renovation before and after

Before and after hallway renovation by The Bridge Group Construction

Scheduling in Buildertrend is another tool that helps puzzle projects together. The complexity of senior living construction requires lots of phases, tasks and moving parts that affect one another. For that reason, The Bridge Group uses the Gannt chart view in this feature. Here, schedule items can be linked and rearranged with ease. This means when one item is moved, the others follow suit and adjust accordingly, keeping everything in order and on deadline.

“One of our projects got put on hold, but we had already built a schedule for it. All we had to do was change the start date and it moved everything in the click of a button,” Lucas said.

Schedules are shared with clients through the Customer Portal – another feature favorite of this team.

Before the Customer Portal, Lucas was sending weekly emails to clients and then receiving a flood of questions in his inbox. Today – with daily updates, budget info and scheduling shared right in the portal – questions are cut to almost nothing.

“For us, our clients are different than homeowners. They’re executives, in corporate offices, located across multiple states. They need to be able track jobs virtually,” Lucas said.

It’s that overcommunication that has been a game changer. The Bridge Group even uses the Customer Portal to further bolster sales and set themselves apart.

“Being a young company, Buildertrend has leveled us up,” Lucas said. “When customers see that we have this tech and it’s so organized, it gives them a different perception. We might just be getting started but our operations run like we’re veterans.”

Being a young company, Buildertrend has leveled us up.
Lucas McCurdy, founder and owner

Photo: Before and after by The Bridge Group Construction

Their success

Doubling sales in year three

After adopting Buildertrend, The Bridge Group saw growth in their second year of business – even after they experienced a few months without billing during COVID-19 lockdowns. They expect that trend to continue into 2021.

With the CRM helping them keep better track of leads and quickly flip them into ongoing jobs, sales have doubled.

“I don’t know where we would be, especially as a startup company, without Buildertrend,” Lucas said. “It’s the easiest investment we made to look back and say, ‘That was a good decision.’ That’s how valuable I knew it would be.”

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