Mining the data field: Initial results of our construction supply management integration with The Home Depot

Earlier this year, Buildertrend launched an integration with Pro Xtra, The Home Depot’s Loyalty Program Built Just for Pros. We’re looking at the big difference it’s made in just a few months.

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Some things just go better together. The Home Depot and Buildertrend are one of those perfect pairs. What makes them such a natural fit? Well, there are a lot of reasons actually.

For starters, both companies have a dual aim of helping builders reach their greatest and fullest potential. Buildertrend is the leading construction project management software for the residential construction industry, and The Home Depot aids those teams through Pro Xtra. Full of exclusive perks and rewards, this is their Loyalty Program Built Just for Pros.

Now the two forces – Buildertrend and Pro Xtra – have joined forces. Just a couple of months ago, these two companies teamed up to bring you their biggest and most exciting integration to date. The goal of this sync is to radically transform supply and expense management through construction software.

The impact it’s making is already measurable. Seriously – we’ve got the numbers to prove it.

For this month’s Buildertrend data-focused blog, we’re taking a deeper look at our new integration with The Home Depot. Insights like these can then fuel data-driven decisions that lead to your company’s long-term success.

Let’s see how Buildertrend and Pro Xtra are starting to change the way the industry thinks about construction supply management.

23% of eligible accounts fully connected

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Though the integration only launched several weeks ago, our proprietary data already shows massive interest and engagement. About a quarter – 23% to be exact – of all eligible customers are fully connected to the experience. What does that mean exactly? Eligible customers are those who both use Buildertrend construction software and are Pro Xtra members.

If you’re not yet a part of The Home Depot’s loyalty program but would like to join, no worries. It’s easy and free to sign up. There’s plenty of reason to join, too – even beyond our cutting-edge integration.

Here are just some of the exciting benefits to joining this program:

  • Get members-only offers on products and services, like extra savings or in-app coupons.
  • Earn rewards, like Pro Xtra Dollars or a Tool Rental Perk.
  • Save up to 20% on paints, stains and primers.
  • Easily save and organize orders digitally with Purchase Tracking.
  • Authorize employee purchases quickly via text.

It’s important to note: You have to be a member of Pro Xtra to take advantage of this exciting Buildertrend integration.

95,560 catalog items synced to Buildertrend and cost coded

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Now you know the value of joining Pro Xtra … but what’s the real value of this integration? How is it going to improve your product and expense management? This next stat highlights that.

Right now, there are 95,560 catalog items from The Home Depot synched to Buildertrend and cost coded. That means right from our construction software, you can now run your jobs and order The Home Depot materials – all in one place.

Builders want to see real-time pricing on the retail side because, as current market conditions have shown, material costs fluctuate practically by the minute. Now you can look up what those updated prices might be within Buildertrend. Just refresh any SKU that’s been connected to see its most up-to-date value.

Once you know what you want to order, it takes a few clicks to push the products to an online shopping cart at The Home Depot. Even better, you can sync 25 months of past purchases and set up cost catalogs for those items to be pushed.

In one place, you’re now checking availability, confirming pricing, pushing items to your cart and tracking expenses. But wait! There’s more ways this integration improves construction supply management  …

50,552 receipts generated for job costing

Recents Generated

Imagine you’re at the end of your project and trying to calculate the accurate cost of a job. You know you sent team members out to The Home Depot for last-minute supply runs maybe a dozen times. Now if only you could find the receipts to add together all those costs. They’re not in your office … they’re not with your crew … they’re nowhere to be found. Now, who eats the cost? You or the client?

With this integration, you’ll never be forced to answer those questions again. After every purchase at The Home Depot, digital receipts save right in Buildertrend construction software. To date, there have already been 50,552 receipts generated.

That figure becomes all the more impressive considering this integration hadn’t even launched until a few weeks ago. That’s more than 50,000 times builders are able to more accurately reconcile projects and better their bottom lines.

Even if each of those receipts were only $25 (and chances are most of them were much higher), that’s $1,263,800 in more accurate job costing.

Integrate Buildertrend with The Home Depot now

Our construction software has always helped construction teams find a better way to stay on track, on deadline and on budget. Through this latest integration with The Home Depot’s Pro Xtra program, Buildertrend also provides a better way for construction supply and expense management.

Are you a Buildertrend customer and ready to give this integration a go? Talk to your account executive today to get started.

Or, schedule a demo today if you’re new here and think our construction software could help manage every part of your business.

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