Mining the data field: Construction businesses sell better with CRM software

Buildertrend's CRM tool simplifies sales and boosts close rates well above the industry average. Our data shows the real power of this feature.

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Manage leads. Land jobs. Repeat.

With Buildertrend’s Customer Relationship Management tool, sales becomes simple. But don’t just take our word for it. Our user data tells the full story of this robust feature. We’re mining our data field to uncover facts and figures based on Buildertrend customer activity. Insights like this can then fuel data-driven decisions that lead to your company’s long-term success.

Let’s face it – construction is cutthroat. Your potential clients have no shortage of companies to choose from when it comes to building a new home or renovating their existing one. Improving your sales and lead management process could be the key to unlocking better business growth.

Buildertrend’s CRM tool is helping teams across the industry leave their competitors in the dust. How exactly? Our data shows how this feature helps builders boost their win rate.

28 to 36 new leads generated per month

Data Insights Leads

Landing new jobs can seem like a job in and of itself. But many smaller construction teams lack the resources to dedicate someone solely to sales. That doesn’t mean your sales pipeline can’t overflow with opportunity.

Here’s where Buildertrend comes in. Our proprietary data shows that builders using our CRM tool generated anywhere from 28 to 36 new leads per month so far this year. For teams like remodelers or specialty contractors who might be juggling dozens of active jobs at once, this is especially beneficial. You can spend more time on your current workload while also seamlessly growing your business.

You’ll have confidence knowing all the information about every lead is in one place. Buildertrend’s CRM tool gives you the ability to track all your contacts, their statuses and upcoming tasks associated with each one through a single system. Demand has risen in the last year – now you can keep up with a level of lead visibility you’ve always craved.

28 days to sell a lead

Data Insights Sell a Lead

You don’t have time to waste – and neither do your potential clients. With Buildertrend’s CRM tool, leads go from prospect to purchase quicker than ever. In fact, it takes just 28 days on average from the date a lead is added to Buildertrend to when it’s sold. This proves how streamlined processes are in Buildertrend. Once you capture a lead, you’re transferring that to a real job with real money really fast.

That’s just one month. Not only does this keep your business moving forward, but it’s sure to set a solid foundation with those clients you’re winning over. Even before ground is broken or a team assembled, they’ll know you’re efficient – a builder who acts quick and is as eager to get started on their project as they are.

59% close rate for customer using the contact form

Data Insights Close Rate

Beyond keeping leads organized so you know which have the strongest potential to sell and when to best follow up, our CRM tool goes deeper. It can sync right to your website to eliminate time-sucking manual entry.

Anytime a new lead visits your website and fills out a contact form, all that info rushes right into Buildertrend. Their contact information and what they’re looking for is instantly captured in our CRM tool. And that’s just where you want them. Customers who synced their website contact form enjoy a 59% close rate.

To put that into perspective, the average close rate across industries sits at just 19%. Sales success often hinges on fast follow-up – and Buildertrend empowers your team to do just that. From your website, leads are instantly added to a tool that lets you track all activity, so you know exactly when and how you followed up. Once you do land the job, you can easily flip them into an active project in Buildertrend.

From click to customer – it’s that easy.

Hit your ambitious sales goals with Buildertrend

Buildertrend is more than just construction project management software. It also helps lands leads with the CRM feature. As our data illustrated, this is the place to create, capture and close all prospects.

  • Cut through the clutter. You’ll clearly see the state of any lead and be able to watch as it flows from one stage to the next.
  • Collaborate with your team. Everyone can access the tool to work a lead and band together any notes, tasks or follow-up.
  • Sell more jobs more quickly. Have the power to easily prioritize the hottest leads and go after the jobs you really want.

CRM is your path to more projects – and profits. To see it in action, schedule a Buildertrend demo today.

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