Customer success story

Casey Construction Company, Inc.

Why saving time and money with Buildertrend’s financial tools is essential for construction business success.

Their success story

With the foundations of building taught to them by the family construction business, Chris and Amanda Worlow began their own business, Casey Construction Company, taking on higher-end custom homes as well as lighter commercial projects in their hometown of Lago Vista, Texas.

As they tried to balance the business side of things while spending most of their time in the field, the Worlows realized there had to be a better way to manage it all. They knew it was time to ditch spreadsheets and upgrade their systems with the help of Buildertrend’s software and financial features.


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Their story

“There’s something special about helping your hometown grow”

After spending some time in Denver working for a commercial construction company, Amanda came back to Lago Vista where she met Chris. The two got married and spent some time working for the family construction business before deciding to expand and start their own company.

“This is our hometown,” Amanda said. “I grew up here, got experience in Denver and then came back. It feels really good to be here. What’s so exciting is that we have that opportunity to see Lago Vista grow and be a part of it.”

Amanda grew up in the small town, located near Austin, and are happy to play a role in its continued development.

“Amanda’s family has been in Lago Vista for over 30 years,” Chris said. “We have the ability to develop our town into what we want it to be. It’s been great to have the experience and influence what happens in the town.”

Casey Custom Blue home on river side
Custom home build by Casey Construction Company

Their goal

Streamline financial processes and increase efficiency

When starting their own business, Chris and Amanda hit the ground running. However, they soon saw the need for better systems. Working out of an Excel document was not only costing them time, it was costing them dollars.

“It was a huge frustration with basically all of our systems working out of Excel,” Amanda said. “Formulas would keep breaking or unlinking. It was just a very clunky system that created a lot of headache and longer work hours in order to get an invoice out to a client. Out of that frustration is when we really started looking at what we could do and what we needed.”

The majority of Casey Construction Company’s business is higher-end custom homes and smaller commercial projects. For Chris and Amanda, running their small business means spending a lot of time in the field. They needed a system that could help streamline their day-to-day processes and keep their financials organized.

“We decided we needed something that was construction focused that really answered our need for financial help,” Amanda said.

Their solution

Seamless financial processes

It can also help manage leads, create great relationships with clients and most importantly, stay on top of your finances.

Chris and Amanda first found Buildertrend while researching their options for financial management. After getting a closer look, they saw that it offered them the financial tools they needed in addition to other features they didn’t even know they wanted.

“We landed on Buildertrend because it seemed like it had everything we needed,” Chris said. “It was an all-in-one package, and that’s what drew us to it.”

Although they were excited about everything Buildertrend had to offer, they knew their first step was to get their financial management in line. So, with the help of Buildertrend’s Customer Success team, they went to work.

Custom build in progress by Casey Construction
Build in progress by Casey Construction

“The resource that was most helpful to us was the training with Buildertrend,” Chris said. “Our coach was extremely helpful in figuring out how to make everything work within Buildertrend as well as the connection between Buildertrend and QuickBooks.”

Buildertrend’s QuickBooks integration took away the hassle of having to manually enter dollar amounts into Excel. The Worlows now see the benefits of real-time updates and easy financial tracking.

“It’s not like the spreadsheet updates in real time, so before Buildertrend, we’d have to go back into DropBox and figure out where we stored the receipt,” Amanda said.

Buildertrend offers several financial features and integrations such as cost code auditing, effective estimating and reporting capabilities that work to simplify and streamline financial processes for all construction businesses. These features, partnered with our team of experts, support each company’s specific financial needs and goals.

Working with our team, the Worlows were able to simplify their financial processes, which was important as their unique business caters to custom home builds as well as commercial projects.

“The financial aspect of Buildertrend was huge for us with our consultant helping to streamline and understand the accounting side, so it made sense for our company specifically,” Amanda said. “Being a commercial and custom residential builder, there were some unique things and we didn’t know where or how to get everything in the right spot. Our coach really helped us to understand and streamline that process.”

It’s all about saving time, that’s the biggest reason for Buildertrend.
Amanda Worlow, Owner

Their success

Thousands saved per project with seamless financial processes

Time is money. And with Buildertrend, the Worlows are seeing just how true the saying really is.

“It’s all about saving time,” Amanda said. “That’s the biggest reason for Buildertrend. The more time we have, the more we’re able to focus on the construction, the client relationships and ultimately, we’re making more money by being more efficient.”

Buildertrend’s construction management tools have not only saved Chris and Amanda time, it’s saved them money.

“There are real dollars that would have gotten lost if we weren’t using Buildertrend,” Amanda said. “I can guarantee that previously when we didn’t have Buildertrend, over the course of a year we would lose thousands of dollars by the time the year was done. It all adds up with the receipts, small expenses that we paid for with a credit card or the things we didn’t add into the spreadsheet. Those items were forgotten about and wouldn’t be invoiced to the client. That’s real money!”

Losing less time and money on financial frustrations means more time and effort spent on what matters most.

“Our time is more focused on the attention to quality, and we’re able to be extremely efficient and spend more of our time in the field and less late work nights at the office,” Amanda said.

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