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Wamhoff Design | Build

See how using Buildertrend’s construction software helped this company improve communication with their team, clients and subs.

Their success story

Greg Wamhoff quit his corporate job in 2009 unsure of what he wanted to do next. But he and his wife, Adrienne, soon founded Wamhoff Design | Build in Tomball, Texas, because they were ready for a new challenge. It wasn’t long until Greg found a passion for taking care of clients – regardless of the type of project. And although it wasn’t their goal to become home builders, they found themselves in that business after building their clientele as remodelers.

After a few years, Greg realized that they were quickly outgrowing the project management system they had built.

“We knew we were going to need help,” Greg said. “And we felt like Buildertrend’s integrated platform could take us from being a company that just does a handful of projects a year to a company that could really handle over 50 projects a year.”

He discovered Buildertrend’s project management software at the International Builders’ Show, which was the first time he’d seen a platform geared toward residential as opposed to commercial construction.

Buildertrend’s all-in-one platform and cohesive features have given Wamhoff’s team the tools to grow their construction business in a way they wouldn’t have been able to before.


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In-platform communication

Their story

Our clients’ dreams become our dreams

Since their inception 12 years ago, the Wamhoff team has grown to include 16 members comprised of architects, designers, project managers and office staff. From Galveston to Spicewood, Texas, and anywhere in between, their goal is to put their clients first and change the lives of those they work with.

No matter the size or specifications, Greg and his team are ready to take on any project with unrivaled design and exceptional quality.

“We’re a client-focused design, build company,” Greg said. “And what I mean by that is we’ll build anything from a $400,000 house to a $7 million house, which is a pretty wide range for a builder. But that’s because we’re almost all referral-driven, and we really focus on what’s best for the client from start to finish.”

The Wamhoff team wants to help their clients see their dreams for their home fulfilled, and they take ownership of those dreams too. This alignment not only helps to build relationships but also brings a shared passion to every project.

Wamhoff Custom Design Build Kitchen
Custom kitchen design and build by Wamhoff

Their goal

A cohesive operating system

When he signed up for Buildertrend, Greg sought a way to bring all their operations, communication and documents into one place. Ideally, he wanted a system that worked seamlessly for his office employees.

Theresa Myers, the second longest tenured Wamhoff employee, joined the team almost eight years ago. After starting as Greg’s assistant, she held several other roles before settling into her current role as operations manager. In her day-to-day, she oversees office operations and acts as a liaison for clients from the beginning to the end of their projects.

Being the one who’s played a big role in getting the company on track in Buildertrend, she knows the benefits of being able to keep everyone aligned.

“It’s the cohesiveness that brings all the parties together,” Theresa said. “You’ve got your bidding group, your financial group, your project managers and sales all on one platform. Everyone can see what they need to. So, the cohesiveness is nice.”

But their team members aren’t the only ones seeing the benefits of having a central hub for information – their clients are, too.

Wamhoff Custom Design Build Living Room
Custom living room design and build by Wamhoff

Their solution

Centralized communication

They not only use the Customer Portal to help their current clients, but they also use it to sell prospective clients as well.

“It’s a selling tool for sure,” Greg said. “We’re able to show our clients that this is one way they can connect with our team. For a lot of clients, it’s a comfort factor knowing that this information is going to be in one place, and they’re going to be able to communicate.”

As the go-to person for clients, Theresa’s sees just how valuable Buildertrend’s Customer Portal is in her work.

“My favorite feature is the Customer Portal,” Theresa said. “Our clients do actively use it. They ask us questions about photos as well as the schedule. And the payment process and being able to see the approved selections is easy for them.”

Wamhoff team members also like that there are now several different methods of communicating with their clients. It’s changed the way they build and foster those important relationships.

“With Buildertrend, we’re able to communicate multiple ways with our clients,” Greg said. “Whereas before we only had phone calls or an email. Now, there’s more of an interactive relationship. There’s pictures, there’s information, there’s all these different things, and it’s conveyed in a platform that’s easier and more intimate than just emails.”

Sharing change orders with clients through a clear, organized process within the platform has also been a huge help for Theresa.

“I definitely like the change order process,” she said. “It keeps everything crystal clear and allows clients to go in and approve them electronically. The change order then becomes an official contract document that can be invoiced directly, which is a super nice feature.”

Having change orders documented is also ideal in the event of a discrepancy.

“There have been times where a client might say, ‘Oh, did I order that?’” Theresa said. “And we’ll tell them that they can go in to see the quotes and everything that was ordered.”

Their clients are loving Buildertrend, and their subcontractors are getting on board as well.

“I like the bidding process and having one area where we can keep and send out our plans and specifications,” Theresa said. “Most subcontractors now submit their bids directly through the Buildertrend portal, and to have all the bids for a job in one place has been very helpful and very efficient for us.”

Buildertrend continually improves, and the focus is on having an integrated platform where everything connects
Greg Wamhoff, owner

Custom bathroom design and build by Wamhoff

Their success

More efficient processes

So, would they recommend Buildertrend to other builders?

“Well, I wouldn’t because that gives them an advantage,” Greg said jokingly.

All kidding aside, he continued, “I’d recommend it because it will help them create efficiencies in their business.”

Greg also pointed out that Buildertrend’s commitment to constantly getting better has enhanced Wamhoff’s operations and communication.

“My favorite thing about Buildertrend is that it continually improves, and the focus is on having an integrated platform where everything connects,” he said. “That helps make sure jobs stay organized, and everyone on our team is speaking a common language.”

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