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The State of Residential Construction Industry 2022 Report

Stop guessing what your peers are doing and where you stand. Use this report, curated with feedback from thousands of home builders, to learn best practices for marketing, sales, financials, operations – and how construction software fits into it all.

You’ll Learn:

How much gross profit are builders adding to jobs?

What are today’s construction teams doing to attract new leads?

How did businesses perform amid a pandemic, and is growth expected in 2022?

What are the biggest hurdles facing the industry – and how does construction software help you overcome them?

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Have you ever wondered what other home builders do to boost profits? How about their marketing and advertising strategy? What are they doing right that you could be doing?

Wonder no more.

The “State of Residential Construction Industry” annual report reveals it all. Instead of guessing how teams are operating for success – the Association of Professional Builders went straight to the source. More than 1,000 home builders across the world answered dozens of questions, covering everything from marketing and sales to financials and operations. With the results, you can properly benchmark your company against others.

You’ll also discover the difference construction tech makes. Survey results named Buildertrend the industry leader for software. Our CEO Dan Houghton provides exclusive insights into how our digital tools directly solve the struggles identified in the survey.