5 ways Buildertrend’s QuickBooks construction software integration makes your life easier

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Running a construction business is hard work. It’s even harder when you have to spend more time managing spreadsheets than managing your team in the field. Thankfully, a variety of software solutions exist today to help construction pros with all of their business processes including bookkeeping and project management.

However, even powerful tools working side by side can leave frustrating process gaps for business owners. That’s not the case with Buildertrend’s QuickBooks construction software integration. With Buildertrend, the leading tech choice for home builders and remodelers, you have the system you need to manage pre-sales, client management and project planning. Integrated alongside QuickBooks, Buildertrend also gives you the power to control all things financial.   

Here’s how this integration helps keep your business moving:

1. Defeat data double entry

Data entry for construction businesses is tedious yet incredibly important. A misplaced comma could sink a project before it even starts. Entering in prices and quantities in a project management and bookkeeping system is also time consuming and repetitive for business owners who already are short on time.

That’s why Buildertrend’s QuickBooks integration eliminates double entry. Plus, this integration goes along with the same workflows you’re already used to. Now, your financial information is stored in the same place as the rest of your project details and you only need to enter the number once.

2. Have consistent data

Running a construction business often requires contractors to bounce from system to system. Keeping all these systems in sync is a challenge on good days and a disaster on bad days.

Thankfully, Buildertrend’s two-way sync with QuickBooks allows information to quickly and easily transfer between programs to automatically keep them in sync. You can take project-specific expenses that originated in QuickBooks and send them back to your Buildertrend budgets for more accurate job costing. Better processes like this mean better profit margins.

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3. Keep your accountant happy

Bookkeepers are vital to keeping the cash flow of a construction business humming. They also tend to appreciate having a semblance of order amid the chaos of a construction project.

Buildertrend’s QuickBooks construction integration is an accountant’s best friend. As a builder, you don’t have time to trudge through the depths of your finances to analyze the bottom line on each job. You’re focusing on the job itself. Now, with Buildertrend and QuickBooks linked, you can get what you need and so can your accountant.

4. Produce financial reports with ease

Time is money. When you have access to the status of all your job-specific costs and customer invoices within Buildertrend, it’s easier than ever to access all the financial information you need. You don’t even have to log into QuickBooks. Just use the system you know and love – Buildertrend.

The same is true for your accountant. They have access to all that same information in QuickBooks for their reports.

Not only will financial efficiency improve but so will accuracy. Everything is now synced, streamlined and accessible. See a bird’s-eye view or get into the specifics when pulling reports with just the click of a button. Simply tailor each one to see what matters most to you. It’s reporting done just right for your business.

5. Stay in the know while on the go

Always know where your business stands no matter where you stand. Whether at the job site, at home or on vacation, Buildertrend’s app makes your jobs as mobile as you are. From your device, see all the financial gizmos and gadgets you need to keep projects moving forward.

Make QuickBooks work for you

Buildertrend’s QuickBooks construction integration brings out the best in both software solutions.

Ultimately, it’s all about making you better, though. Our cloud-based construction software teamed with this accounting system partner as one powerhouse, and we want you to feel its effects. Our experts will even help you get and stay up and running. Just talk to support today.

The benefits of this integration will pay off – literally.

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