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Mastering takeoff for better construction estimating ebook cover

Mastering takeoff for better construction estimating

A complete guide to takeoff for fast, accurate pre-project planning

What you’ll learn inside:

An in-depth overview of what construction takeoff is and how it will improve your estimating process.

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Understand the difference between manual and digital takeoff

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Discover three key benefits of using takeoff software

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Get a step-by-step guide for how to perform a takeoff

Kick off projects efficiently and add hours back to your day with takeoff

Planning construction jobs comes with many moving parts and pieces. The manual process of measuring for construction materials is tedious and time consuming. Plus, with the added element of human error, manual measurements aren’t always as precise as they need to be.

There’s a better way.

Using takeoff software allows you to quickly calculate material quantities accurately. Projects can be started instantly by simply uploading digital blueprints and completing measurements with online tools. This guide will show you how effortless takeoffs can be.

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