Benefits of using cloud-based project management software

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Construction project managers have more options today than ever before to keep their teams connected, informed and productive. Cloud-based solutions are driving innovation, and over the past several years, 60% of project management has migrated from traditional platforms to the cloud.

And let’s be real, this trend isn’t surprising. There are many advantages to the cloud when it comes to streamlining team communication, file sharing, project scheduling and daily collaboration.

You can expect to see several key benefits from cloud-based project management software solutions as compared to traditional solutions.

  1. Improved Team Coordination
    In the construction industry, teams are often spread out and on-the-go, moving from job site to job site or working from different locations around the country (or even around the globe). Cloud-based project management software simplifies collaboration, making files, blueprints and team communication accessible anywhere, using any device. No matter where your team members are physically located, the cloud puts the project at their fingertips.
  1. Better Ease of Use
    Find everything you need in one easy-to-access location. From file management to scheduling, you no longer need multiple platforms to handle different aspects of your project. Cloud-based project management software eliminates the need for email chains and communication errors. Instead, all of your important documents and communication are stored in one centralized location, where you can see everyone’s feedback and changes at a glance.
  1. Reliable Backup
    Using cloud-based project management software removes the need for local backups and complicated version control. All of your project files are safely stored off-site on a server that is always backed up and up-to-date. Your data is safe from computer failures and human error. You can also easily share project progress with customers by giving them access only to the files you want them to see, while keeping team collaboration and development private.
  1. Access to Files from Anywhere
    On the construction site or grabbing lunch with an important client? Access your entire project from anywhere, using any internet-connected device. Regardless if your team works from the office, home or directly on the job site, everyone can access the same shared workspace, no matter what device they prefer to use. The cloud is today’s solution for project management. As our teams become more varied and complicated, we need a cloud-based project management software that can keep up. From ease of use to team coordination and access, it’s no secret that the cloud is the best way to make sure your entire team remains up to date and actively engaged throughout the lifecycle of your projects.

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