4 benefits of cloud-based construction management software

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Imagine running your construction business on sticky notes and whiteboards. Walls covered top to bottom with square pieces of paper and smudged writing making text unreadable. It’s nightmare inducing.

Luckily, construction management software turns nightmares into dreams. Construction tech, like Buildertrend, eliminates the need to have everything written down. Schedules, updates and documents are stored in one location.

We’ll outline how using construction management software can help streamline communication, improve file sharing, prevent delays and boost daily collaboration.

1. Improve team communication

In the construction industry, teams are often spread out and on the go, moving from job site to job site or working from different locations around the country (or even around the globe). Cloud-based construction project management software removes the need for email chains and communication errors. Free yourself from figuring out long blocks of text.

Imagine this: You get back to your truck after being out at the job site all day and see you have 50 missed calls and over a hundred emails. The number of notifications would drive anyone into a panic. So, you try to find out the source of the panic and learn it’s your office manager calling about a sub’s schedule.

Without a single source of truth, you become the only one with information. Using project management software keeps all information related to the project in one place for your team, subs and clients to access. When everyone can communicate without jumping on the phone, you’ll cut down on the number of calls you must make in a day.

2. Access files from anywhere

Have you ever been out to lunch with a client and forgot to print out a contract? With construction management software, you can forget about that moment of panic. All files related to the build are stored in the software. Access your entire project from anywhere, using any internet-connected device.

If your team works from the office, home or directly on the construction site, everyone can use the same shared workspace, no matter what device they prefer to use.

Using cloud-based construction tech allows you to store all your files off your devices. This means if anything were to happen to your computer or even your office, documents are protected, and back-ups can be created.

Keeping your files online adds an additional layer of protection from disaster.

3. Prevent delays

We would never recommend building a home without a blueprint. The same needs to be said for planning a project. With cloud-based software, you can be confident knowing what phase of the build you’re in.

Double checking a calendar every day takes up a lot of time. When schedules are automated and delays are accounted for, you’ll be able to take a proactive approach to expected changes.

Unlike pen and paper, using construction management software allows you to forecast the days staffing is going to be a little light. When you come across those days, you can adjust accordingly and notify your crew, subs and office staff.

4. Boost collaboration

Share daily project progress with clients and crew. The more people see the project as it unfolds, the more you’ll be able to work together to create an unforgettable experience.

Maintaining client expectations are tough when you only dedicate an hour a night to talk about what’s going on. If clients can check in on progress without scheduling a call, it keeps you from staying next to your phone and gives clients peace of mind. Features of construction tech, like Buildertrend’s Customer Portal, gives clients the ability to see photos of the job, what’s next on the schedule and their selections.

Enhance building with construction management software

Cloud-based project management software has changed how businesses operate. Crew members and employees can log in from their devices and see what type of work is needed for the day.

For example, Buildertrend’s feature, like Selections, keeps clients engaged as they make decisions. Allowing clients to see the costs and expected delays in real time sets expectations right from the start. It also gives clients the ability to really see the different parts of a build.

You can keep your project on target with Buildertrend’s To-Do’s. Imagine going grocery shopping without a list. You end up with more junk food and more money spent. Working on project without a list is the same way. You’ll focus your attention on one aspect of the project without realizing a deadline is approaching. Before you know it, clients are frustrated that dates are pushed.

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