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Fact or fiction: The best salespeople are just born with what it takes to win new business. Sound the BS buzzer, because that’s simply not true.

Landing leads is about more than charisma. It’s about mastering the art of the sales presentation. As a construction business owner, you wear many hats. Taking off the hard hat to assume the role of sales rep is easier said than done. After all, you got into construction to build dream homes – not sales presentations.

That’s where we come in. Buildertrend is here to help make sure your next sales pitch hits the sweet spot. If you’re ready to land the job, be sure to follow these four tips:

1) Do less pitching and hold more conversations

The best sales conversations are just that … conversations. Because let’s face it, there is nothing attractive about the idea of a super lengthy, boring sales pitch.

Instead, it should be a dialogue. Successful selling is about building a relationship with your prospective clients then showing how you’re the best contractor for the job. If you are giving a presentation when they first meet with you, make sure the content is tightened up, punchy and says what you want without overexplaining or getting too granular. It should pique their interest then lead to a robust conversation.

You don’t have to wait until the end of your presentation to start the conversation either. Get feedback during it so you can change your focus in the moment to speak to what matters most for that prospective homebuyer.

2) Understand your audience

Once you’ve moved away from the idea of a canned sales pitch to an approach that’s more conversational, you can easily put prospective customers’ needs first. Do they want a custom build? Something affordable? What are they looking for in a contractor?

Today’s consumers will make their decisions based off more than just the finished product you can deliver. They want to make sure they are choosing a construction team they can trust, too. That’s why you’ll have a competitive advantage if you’re able to meet them where they’re at.

According to Buildertrend’s 2020 data report, homeowners value digital interactions and ease of communication when working with residential construction businesses. 86% of people aged 23+ would find an online dashboard helpful and 98% say ease of communication and collaboration are important during the construction process. It’s all about showing potential clients you can deliver what they’re looking for in ways that’s better than the rest.

3) Get your online home in shape

Your website has the potential to be your strongest selling tool. It’s often the first impression of your business – and one that’s made long before a sales presentation is given. In fact, it can be your website that helps you land more sales presentations.

So, before you dive into tips one or two, you’ll want to make sure your online home is in tip-top shape. For Buildertrend customers, our Pro Websites team can help. Not only does this team build websites – they’re pros at building them just for construction businesses. We know the industry and can build the best sites because of that.

We also know that when homeowners start looking for construction services, they start online. That’s why Pro Websites is skilled at growing your online traffic to make sure your site is easily found on Google and other search engines. Increasing your site’s visibility is the first step to increasing your sales.

4) Leverage tech to your advantage

Remember what our 2020 data report found? Today’s consumers are digitally savvy and they want builders or remodelers who are, too. That’s where construction project management software comes in.

Buildertrend comes equipped with features that lead to a better building experience for contractors and their clients. With our Customer Portal tool, you can keep all communication between both parties in one central location. Share messages, schedule details, daily progress updates, pictures or video – all from the palm of your hand. Additionally, our construction job software empowers clients to make selections or online payments within the portal, too.

It’s easy-to-use, organized and delivers a level of transparency that builds trust. If you do have tech in your toolbelt, don’t keep it a secret. Your sales pitch is the time to brag how you’re better because of Buildertrend. It shows you understand how expectations of today’s tech-intelligent homeowners have changed – and your business has evolved because of it.

Jump start sales with software

Buildertrend does more than just help you manage projects. It doubles as construction CRM software with a full suite of features to streamline your pre-sales processes.

As you follow these tips and land more leads, you’ll need a tool to keep it all straight. Demo with us now to see how we can help.

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Sean Robinson

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