Building trust with clients through customer management

See how using client management software can help when building trust with clients during the sales process.

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Build trust or lose out on leads. It’s as simple as that. Your success is dependent on the connections you make with potential clients during the sales process. Whether or not they hire you depends on your ability to create meaningful interactions and relationships.

When building trust with clients, remember that homeowners expect the very best for their renovation project or newly built home. When they come to you, they’re preparing to make a huge financial investment. You should be ready with affirmations and know-how to build trust with clients for your construction company. Give them multiple reasons why they should choose you over your competition. Faced with infinite information and so many options, clients need someone they can trust to guide them through that – and earning their trust can separate a sale from a loss.

Here are five helpful tips to consider before your next sales pitch.

1. Be the expert potential clients expect

Potential clients won’t hire you if they sense a lack of knowledge or expertise. Imagine taking your car to the shop, but the person doing the repairs can’t answer your questions. You’d probably feel pretty uneasy about their quality of work and would more than likely go somewhere else. The same goes for remodeling projects or building a new home. Clients want to know they can trust you with their investment.

So, make it easy for them. Make it obvious that you know the industry inside and out. Give them the assurance they’re looking for by explaining your procedures. Know your competition, material costs, the current market and the complete buying process, so you’re ready for all questions.

You’re a construction pro. Let your expertise shine. Perfect how to build trust in business, and potential clients will be confident in choosing you for their jobs.

2. Prove you’re better than your competition

As a construction expert, you know you’ve got your work cut out for you when it comes to standing apart from your competitors. And now that you’ve exhibited your industry prowess, it’s time to prove your value. Why should clients choose you over everyone else?

Start by being empathetic to their situation. If we’re being honest, building a new home or living through a renovation is stressful. Put yourself in their shoes. Let them know that you’ve been through this too and will do whatever it takes to make the process easier. People are more willing to trust you if they know you understand their concerns.

Seize this opportunity to introduce your tech. Showcasing your customer relationship management software for construction or digital communication tools is a great way to land more jobs. Without a project management system, clients are oftentimes frustrated by a lack of daily updates, unexpected timeline changes or consistent delays. Using a platform such as Buildertrend with its Customer Portal feature is a huge selling point, especially for younger generations. Giving clients the option to log in every day to check progress, even on the go from the mobile app, will definitely give you an advantage over your competition.

3. Show up and always be dependable

This should go without saying, but one of the best ways to build trust in business is to be dependable. Showing your reliability as a contractor is really important for continued success. Why? Because even if you have the best craftsmanship in your city, clients won’t trust you if you’re constantly late, allowing dead days and pushing project timelines back. You’re not going to do well.

Showing up for your jobs builds confidence with your current clients and increases your sales opportunities by ensuring referrals. Potential clients already trust the opinions of their friends and family, so when they’re referred to you, your chances of landing the job are much higher.

4. Have the integrity to do what’s right

Win your potential clients over by putting their interests first even if it doesn’t seem to pay off for your company immediately. Doing the right thing could mean a loss on your end, but it will always give you the upper hand. Say there’s a client whose job isn’t a good fit for your company, so you refer them to someone else. They’ll know you did what was best for them and will keep you in mind when it’s time for their next project.

Having integrity could also mean suggesting less profitable solutions or turning down business if you can’t promise your highest quality of work. Looking out for your clients and potential clients pays off more often than not in the long run.

5. Be human and form connections

Last but not least, during the sales process, it’s important to keep in mind that homeowners want to feel some sort of connection with the person or people who will be improving or building their home. Be personable, be friendly and take the time to get to know them. Understand the wants and needs they have for their project and give them comfort in knowing if they choose you, they’ll have the best experience.

Pairing professionalism with personal connection is how to build trust in construction.

Let us help you build trust and nail your sales process

Using Buildertend during your sales process will allow you to show your clients why using customer relationship management software in construction is so important. Promote your use of effective communication methods and build trust. To learn more about how to use Buildertrend to sell more jobs, schedule a demo today.

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