The importance of celebrating success: A guide for construction managers

To keep your staff engaged and excited about the work they do, check out these creative ways to show appreciation.

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All work, no play.

In the deadline-driven world of construction, that’s an easy cycle to fall into. It’s no surprise the day-to-day life of a builder and their crew is consumed by budgets, job planning, client communication and the actual real work of building houses. But that leaves little room for anything else – especially team celebrations.

It’s time construction managers rethink the importance of celebrating success. Employees feel appreciated when they’re recognized for their achievements – and recognition plays a large part in employee satisfaction and retention. A little praise can lead to a huge jump in morale, teamwork and collaboration.

Understandably, productivity is a top priority for most construction businesses – but it’s all about striking a balance. Nobody wants to work for a company where humanity is checked at the door. Doing all you can to attract and retain employees is as important now as it’s ever been, too.

As discussed in Buildertrend’s 2021 data report, the industry faces a serious labor shortage – compounded by COVID-19. Any move a contractor can make to get ahead of this challenge is the right move.

That’s why we’re outlining creative ways to show appreciation toward individuals and the greater team:

  1. Celebrate individual wins

    When you land a $3 million build, of course it makes sense to celebrate. But what about when a team member always makes sure the job site is clean at the end of the day? It’s these little things that add up to make a real impact – but too often they go unnoticed.

    The importance of celebrating success starts at the micro level. You’ve got to notice individual employees for the extraordinary things they’ve done. There are several ways this can take shape in construction:

    • Exceptionalism
      Always leaving daily logs for clients to check out. Staying late to get the job done. Catching errors beforehand to avoid rework. These are the type of exceptional acts that don’t always fall within job performance measures – but they shouldn’t be ignored. Acknowledge these efforts and do so publicly. A Gallup poll shows public praise as the No. 1 way employees prefer to be recognized.
    • Commitment
      It’s always the new guy or gal who seems to get the limelight. It’s common for managers to take the newest hire out for lunch, but be sure to remember those who remained loyal for years. Formalize your tenure recognition by celebrating it the same time every year and categorically. Milestones of five years, 10 years or 20 years and beyond deserve celebration – whether that takes the form of a company party, monetary rewards or a personalized trophy to display.
    • Safety
      In construction, safety comes first. We’re quick to penalize anybody who forgets this but not always so keen on celebrating those who continually live up to this mantra. It’s time that changes. Companies could create quarterly and annual safety awards that recognize those who best follow job site guidelines. Money talks, too. Add monetary benefits to this, and it’s no surprise that suddenly everyone becomes a rule follower.
  2. Recognize your team as a whole

    Individual recognition is important in construction; however, at the end of the day, building houses takes a team. The importance of celebrating success really comes into play when you get everyone involved.

    Let’s face it: Construction work is hard work. Sometimes the days are long, the tasks complicated and projects go for months and months. Once you finally cross the finish line on a particularly difficult job, don’t just brush it off and start the next one. Take a moment. Pause. Celebrate.

    No house is ever built alone either. Here are some creative ways to show appreciation to your team:

    • Bonus day off – Surprise your crew with an extra day to themselves after a grueling project is finally finished.
    • Companywide party – It’s time to crack a cold one (or two …or three). For bigger successes, a party – however that looks for your company culture – is often appropriate.
    • Provide written or verbal praise – This applies to individuals, too, but sometimes saying “thank you” to your team is enough. Be sure to make praise as specific and timely as possible.
    • Give your team opportunities to grow – Extra days and dollars are nice, but so are extra ways to advance your career. That’s what many employees are looking for. Provide training opportunities or chances to get certified as a way to help them level up after a job well done.
  3. Make construction tech a growth opportunity

    Buildertrend’s 2021 data report doesn’t just examine the current labor shortage as an industry challenge. It also shows how tech helps combat this and why software systems like Buildertrend are the future.

    Not only do these platforms provide endless opportunities to streamline workflows, tech provides another chance to help employees level up. As they master these digital tools, employees become more marketable, savvy and in tune with where the industry is headed. This is exactly the type of growth opportunity today’s workforce – especially younger team members – want. To see what our software can do, schedule a demo today.

The importance of celebrating success shouldn’t be overlooked as you’re building cul-de-sacs and neighborhood squares. Project management software can even help you not forget. Create time in job schedules or leave yourself reminders in the form of to-do’s.

We really do have tools for almost everything.

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Sean Robinson

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