5 tips for solving productivity problems with construction tech

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You’re balancing job site visits, office tasks, keeping track of the warehouse, managing subs, sending purchase orders and other countless day-to-day tasks for each project. And we don’t have to tell you that the secret to success for any job is being able to keep projects on track, avoid delays and meet deadlines.

So, how do you get it all done while ensuring productivity? Check out these five tips for using construction software to maintain productivity on jobs.

1) Streamline your pre-sale and job input processes

Capturing potential clients, managing your pre-sale process and efficiently transitioning leads to active jobs are all key steps in maintaining a successful construction business. While you’re busy managing everything else, this critical component can often fall to the wayside and slow productivity.

Buildertrend has everything you need to manage your leads and win their business without slowing you down. The sales side of the Buildertrend platform includes features like Lead Opportunities, Activities and Proposals. These features let you closely monitor the status of your leads throughout the process. From initial interaction to sending a proposal to landing the job, you’re able to keep track of it all.

Once you’ve landed a new home build or renovation project, it’s easy to convert from lead to active job located on the project management side of the platform. With Buildertrend, you’ll be able to secure more jobs while increasing productivity.

2) Easily track and manage project timelines

Another core element of productivity is maintaining project timelines. You can use our construction software’s tools to get the job done on time.

Managing your job timelines will ensure efficiency. With Buildertrend your schedule items can be linked together, so a quick timeline update can be made with just a couple clicks. All dependent schedule items and tasks will be shifted accordingly.

The Schedule tool is one of the most implemented features within the platform. It keeps your field crew on track and allows your office team to coordinate with your production schedule for each job. You can also link To-Do’s to schedule items and assign them to create accountability. This popular feature will act as a source of truth for the duration of each job and maintaining it will keep projects moving in the field and in the office.

3) Create clarity and effective communication

Communication is another essential component to productivity and the overall success of your business. Effective messaging features and real-time updates are must-haves when it comes to managing your construction jobs. From the field to the office, open communication ensures you, your team and your subs are always informed of progress or setbacks.

Being able to clearly communicate with your team and subs is everything. In addition to the Schedule, Buildertrend has several other in-platform communication tools that help to keep projects in motion. Using features such as To-Do’s, Daily Logs, real-time Comments and Messages will keep everyone on the same page and ensures proper documentation for future references.

4) Empower your team with mobile project management

Empowering your team is the one of the best things you can do for them. It shows them that you believe in them and their ability to manage their work.

Boost productivity and decrease downtime by enabling your team with the tools they need to achieve their goals. We know that most of your team isn’t working in the office, so we offer the convenience of a mobile app that can be used to check updates, view punch lists, add daily logs and track time directly from the field.

Empowering your team sets them up for success, increases the likelihood that they’ll make the best decisions for your company and raises productivity on the job site.

5) Include your clients to keep project moving

Homeowners want to be involved in the process of building or renovating their homes. You can include them by sharing files like photos, videos and necessary documents. By using Buildertrend’s Customer Portal, your clients can log in and see the content you shared with them.

The Customer Portal is a great way to stay connected with your clients without having to do regular in-person meetings. You can share and request signatures on documents, upload progress photos and require selection choices to keep them involved. Any information you share on the Customer Portal will be there for the duration of the project, so your clients can access and refer to it at any time without having to meet with you.

Sharing your files with your clients not only makes them feel included, it ensures transparency and promotes productivity by pushing projects forward.

Increase productivity with Buildertrend

Buildertrend’s construction software will keep your jobs moving. To see how you can easily implement these five tips and increase productivity for you and your team, call to schedule a training today.

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Chelsea Cole

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