Training and managing your support department

So, we’ve told you how to build your support department from the ground up, but what happens after you’ve hired your team? To train, manage, and set your support department up for success, try following these practices that have really worked for us:

  1. Set the proper expectations, and train your support team properly from day one on the job.
    Here at Buildertrend we have an education coordinator who is responsible for handling the onboarding of all new members of our support team. He takes the team through a comprehensive, 6-week training curriculum. It includes education on internal operational policies, the construction industry, how our software works, and how to properly train customers on our platform.
  2. Provide your team very clear direction on their main objectives.
    What is expected of your team each day? How should your team be allocating their time? What end results are you trying to achieve? These are all questions that you can ask yourself in order make the objectives as clear as possible for your team members.
  3. Continue to reinvest in your people.
    Like many organizations, our people are our biggest asset, and we make sure to keep our team sharp. In order to do so, our support management staff conducts recurring roundtables to provide our team a collaborative environment to continue education, and become experts on all of the new features we consistently release.
  4. Encourage a hands-on approach.
    Each of our support representatives has their own set of accounts, and they work directly with each of their customers to provide unlimited and custom training and support based on the needs of their company. As we have a wide range of customers that utilize our software, this approach helps us avoid a “one size fits all” mentality and allows us to get to know our clients and their companies on a very personal level.
  5. Provide exceptional service.
    Every chance a team member gets to interact with a customer is an opportunity to provide exceptional service, and display the value of our software. At Buildertrend, our job is never done, and we are perpetually looking for ways to help our customers improve their operations by using our platform.
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