How teach is shaping the future of construction

How tech is shaping the future of construction

The industry is undergoing a digital transformation. It’s time for teams to get on board – or get left behind

You’ll Learn:

Why construction teams are more quickly adopting tech as the next phase of smart construction management

What are three of the biggest disrupters at play in this changing market and the effects each have on a team’s productivity and profitability

How builders are overcoming current issues by modernizing decades-old business practices – then accomplishing more because of it

Buildertrend data report

Traditionally, the industry has been slow to embrace digital advancements – but it’s time that innovation gap begins to close.

The best builders aren’t just relying on hammers and nails anymore. Digital tools have proven themselves to be just as valuable. That’s truer now than ever. Facing chaos amid COVID-19, builders turned to tech for remote project management or were pushed to adopt – and it paid off. Now new challenges are on the horizon. So, how can construction project management software help teams stay ahead?

To find out, we studied the latest research on residential construction challenges, analyzed proprietary product data and talked with industry experts as well as business owners.

Buildertrend’s 2021 data report uncovers the obstacles today’s construction teams are poised to tackle, and as a result, how they must evolve to achieve long-term success.