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How to use Buildertrend: New user FAQs & setup tips

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So, you’ve just signed up for Buildertrend? Congrats! You’ve now got tech on your side. It’s time to celebrate because you’re officially equipped with the tools needed to launch your business toward success. Improved lead management, more efficient job sites and simplified project planning are just a few of the exciting developments to look forward to on your Buildertrend journey.

We know getting started with construction project management software can feel daunting. But with Buildertrend’s unlimited support and customized training, you and your team will go from newbies to masters in no time.

To set you up for success, we’ve answered the most popular questions asked by our new users, so you can learn how to use Buildertrend in the most efficient way possible.

1. What type of support and resources are available through Buildertrend?

We pride ourselves on offering a wealth of resources for our customers so you can learn in a way that suits you and your team best. Whether you want to master Buildertrend through webinars, online courses or one-on-one training sessions, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the options available to you:

  • A dedicated support team – Your team of experts will schedule one-on-one structured trainings with you and your team to get Buildertrend working for you from the get-go.
  • 24/7 access to our self-guided Help Center, including videos, tutorials and FAQs – If you prefer to learn on your own, this is your best bet.
  • Buildertrend Learning Academy – Get your team construction software certified and advance your Buildertrend skills beyond the basics.
  • Buildertrend University – Join hundreds of other construction professionals from around the country for a live, two-day conference at our headquarters.
  • Buildertrend Onsite Consulting – We come to you for our most in-depth Buildertrend training option to tailor our tech to your specific needs.

2. What’s the first step I should take after signing up for Buildertrend?

Getting started with Buildertrend looks different for everyone, but the first thing we recommend all our users do is log in and explore the platform on their own. Familiarize yourself with your new business partner and engage in some self-study. In your Buildertrend account, hover over the question mark icon and select Help Center to access our training materials on getting started.

But why stop at just one step? Here are the next three to take you on the path toward future success:

  • Step 2: Download the Buildertrend app – Make your jobs as mobile as you are. This gives you Buildertrend’s full functionality and features, all on your phone.
  • Step 3: Set up your profile – Before your first training, take care of filling in the basic details. Then you can get down to the real work right away.
  • Step 4: Schedule your first training – Our team is there for yours from the very start.

3. What features should I train on first?

The answer to that question depends on what your goals are with Buildertrend. We’re here to solve the problems in your business, so identifying your pain points will help point you in the right direction.

Struggle to keep on top of your timelines? Start with the Schedule. Your team is the worst at updating each other? Learn to use Messages. Do you have papers stacked on your desk, in hundreds of folders, or even littering the floor of your car? Document storage will be your organization lifesaver.

Learning the simpler tools first will get you and your team using the program quickly without overwhelming you. Once you’re comfortable with these, start dipping your toes into the more advanced features like Estimates and Selections.

4. Who will I train with?

When it comes to Buildertrend training, you don’t have to go it alone. We’re your champions of better building.

A dedicated team will be assigned to your account. Within that team, you’ll have a customer success coach who you’ll work with for the first 90 days. They’ll get you and your team properly set up for success. After that, you’ll train with a senior customer success coach to dive deeper into the Buildertrend software. Throughout your time with us, an account executive will oversee each step and assist you with any upgrades or getting started using additional professional services.

5. How will these trainings be structured?

Each Buildertrend training session is structured for 30-45 minutes. Throughout the training, we take you through a specific feature (or features) and share best practices for construction management and more. We record the training, so you can reference the meeting later or share with someone who couldn’t attend.

6. How do I get my data into Buildertrend?

Don’t let data drag you down. We’ve got people who do that hard work for you. As part of your dedicated customer success team, a data implementation specialist will help input all the necessary info to get your account up and running. Whether it’s your cost codes, internal users or job schedules, our team is up for the challenge.

To make things even easier, we also have a variety of schedule and selection templates that are automatically loaded into your account. Let us do the heavy lifting while you focus on learning and implementing the software.

7. How do I add another user to Buildertrend?

You already made the investment in Buildertrend – now it’s time to see the payoff. Training your team members and getting them on board with the program is the best way to see overall success with Buildertrend.

Inviting internal users from your team is quick and easy. Each user can set up a username and a password, unique to them, that will allow them access to Buildertrend – both online and via the mobile app. Here’s how to get more of your team in our system:

  • Hover over the Users icon
  • Select + next to Internal Users
  • Fill in their details
  • Click Invite User
  • Select Save 

Use the Help Center to learn more about assigning their permissions and notifications.

8. What do other Buildertrend users do to be successful?

There’s no one key to success with Buildertrend. Our construction management software helps teams win in all sorts of ways.

This home remodeler went from using 35% of what Buildertrend has to offer, to 90% in a matter of days by investing in our Onsite Consulting package.

By using Buildertrend Payments, this specialty contractor from Colorado Springs boosted overall efficiency in their business by 25%.

Use Change Orders to save 15-20% on jobs like this custom home builder did once he made the switch to our construction app.

Thousands of our customers have found success through use of different Buildertrend features. Learn from them to see what will work best for you and your team.

Not yet a Buildertrend new user but want to become one?

Try it risk free. Get started using the leading construction software in the industry with no setup fees, no contracts and a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

Once you’re all signed up, swing back to this article. Knowledge is power, and these FAQs help lay a strong foundation for any new-to-tech company.

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