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Unlocking 55% more of Buildertrend’s capabilities with Onsite Consulting

This team went from using 35% of Buildertrend to 90% in just days. How? Onsite Consulting unlocked unlimited potential.

Their success story

Renovations by Garman has too much on the line to stumble. Raking in over $10 million per year, this Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, team stands to lose thousands from minor project management missteps.

Record sales. Record number of projects. Record success. Even as Renovations by Garman’s growth skyrockets, it’s all tracked in a single system – Buildertrend.

But it wasn’t always this way. In fact, it took seven years of using this construction software solution before they harnessed its full power. So, what changed? Buildertrend Onsite Consulting made all the difference.

This is tailored training that happened at their office. Right on their own turf, the entire Garman team went from all over the place to all in one place.


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Onsite Consulting

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Their story

Going from manual to modern project management

“We’re not the handyman, and we don’t do only kitchens and baths. We’re whole-house remodelers,” said Fred Heim, former vice president of renovations.

“Adding in-law suites. Tearing roofs off. Building second stories. We’re experts at larger renovation projects because we have processes and a team in place that really knows what they’re doing.”

Construction technology acts as an extension of that expert team. Helping them complete a large quantity of projects without sacrificing quality, Buildertrend was implemented in 2014 and is now an essential element of Renovations by Garman’s success.

“Before Buildertrend, we started with yellow sheets then spreadsheets,” Fred said. “It was all very manual, very difficult to keep up to date and very time consuming. Tech has allowed us to streamline a lot of our workflows.”

Garman Builders kitchen
Custom kitchen by Garman Builders

Their goal

To not settle and get even more from their trusted tech

This remodeling company saw major strides almost immediately after starting Buildertrend. First came centralized lead tracking. Next was transparent scheduling. Quick payments on change orders soon followed.

But Fred and his team always knew more was possible. They were using another system to manage financials – and it was time to bring everything under one digital roof.

“Our pain point was we had two software systems that didn’t talk to each other,” Fred said. “We brought everything into Buildertrend. That was a major overhaul for us. We needed to make sure we did this quick – and we did this right.”

Garman Builders dining room
Custom dining room by Garman Builders

Their solution

Onsite Consulting: Buildertrend’s best, full-service training program

What can we do to integrate financials with project management?

What’s the right training to invest in to get this done?

How do we avoid any mistakes that could set us back?

Renovations by Garman asked themselves these questions as they considered the next best step for getting all the dollars and detail into Buildertrend. As the most comprehensive and custom support option, Onsite Consulting became the obvious answer.

Their journey with in-depth training began weeks before their assigned consultant, Brett Jones, arrived at their office door. First came the discovery phase. During this period, Brett met with the Renovations by Garman team over the phone to learn about them on a granular level.

No business is the same – and these conversations help consultants create a specific plan unique to any company.

“It didn’t feel canned, like this is the way to do it and the only way to do it,” Fred said. “Brett wanted to really understand our workflows and how we could use Buildertrend to make things more efficient.”

Then the real fun begins. After drafting a detailed agenda in the discovery phase, Jones held a two-day workshop at the Garman office. As a unified team, everyone received hands-on education that guided them through new procedures and processes.

“The biggest things we learned were the accounting side of Buildertrend,” Fred said. “Estimates and purchasing … we weren’t utilizing any of that previously.”

“But there were so many cool takeaways. Even for items we were using and thought we were doing really well, there were new tricks to do things better.”

To make this influx of new information more manageable, training sessions were broken out by departments in half hour to two-hour sessions. Over two days, Buildertrend Onsite Consulting went through Garman’s entire building workflow. The team was able to answer questions along every step, too.

“It was a full two days, but it never felt overwhelming to the point where you were lost. We weren’t drinking from a firehose,” Fred said. “Brett did an excellent job of managing and keeping it very interactive. It didn’t feel like he was reading out of manual.”

The extensive support didn’t end when Brett left the office either. Onsite consultants provide resources to ensure their lessons lead to huge wins.

“We got a custom, step-by-step chart that shows how we should handle a job in Buildertrend from the time the phone rings for a sale to when the one-year warranty expires,” Fred said.

“We had a game plan going in and an action plan after the visit. I can’t tell you how valuable that is.”

I’m not sure how we would have ever trained our company as well as Onsite Consulting did
Fred Heim, former vice president of renovations

Custom living room and fireplace by Garman Builders

Their success

The entire team using the entire platform

“I’m not sure how we would have ever trained our company as well as Onsite Consulting did in those two days,” Fred said. “There is a lot of confidence and buy in from everyone when you’re being trained by the people behind the software.”

Now there’s no guessing how something should be done and where tech comes into play. Onsite Consulting paved Renovations by Garman’s path to success.

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