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Top 5 tips for new Buildertrend users

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When you signed up for Buildertrend, you took the first step toward creating efficiency that will save you time and money. Technology is the future of the construction industry, and now you’re a part of it.

As a construction company owner, you know furthering the success of your business means finding an effective system for managing your jobs. With Buildertrend’s construction management software, you can seamlessly control all aspects of your projects from one place.

But before you get too far, here are five tips to keep in mind as you start to explore and implement Buildertrend in your day-to-day processes.

1. Utilize your Buildertrend account executive

We pride ourselves on offering the best, award-winning Customer Success team in the industry. Our account executives have onboarded hundreds of contractors onto construction software. Choosing not to use our dedicated resources is doing yourself and your company a huge disservice.

Set up a short training session or two to get your construction project management software up and running efficiently from the start. This will not only ensure your account gets started on the right track but will save you hours of time in the long run.

2. Identify your needs and pain points

Every business has processes that can be improved in some way. What gives you the most headaches or costs you the most time in your current daily processes? What is keeping you from reaching your goals?

Write those pain points down and share them with your account executive. Chances are, Buildertrend offers an easy solution for your problem.

3. Walk before you run

Start with implementing the “quick wins” your employees can begin using today – Daily Logs, To-Do’s, Documents, Photos, Messages and Comments. These features only take a few minutes to learn. They’re accessible through the mobile app, and they also go a long way toward streamlining job site communication.

Buildertrend’s software is a robust platform that offers dozens of features such as client relationship management, scheduling, time tracking and estimating – just to name a few. Attempting to introduce every feature all at once can overwhelm your team. Start small and see immediate improvements or changes.

4. Add your current jobs into Buildertrend

If you have three jobs in progress when you sign up for Buildertrend, do not be afraid to add them into your account. Many companies will sign up for Buildertrend and only run one of their jobs through the software as a test. Although this may seem like a good idea, you’re really just making things harder on yourself. Only using Buildertrend for one job while managing the rest outside the platform is defeating the purpose and will make adopting this project management software more difficult.

5. Set up templates

Templates save you time. Every construction worker on Buildertrend should make having templates set up for each type of project their end goal. From home builds to renovations, every template will have the same schedule, folder structure, tasks, selections, etc.

Once you have your templates set up, you’re set up for success. Again, utilize your account executive who will help you get your templates ready and customized for your business.

Make implementing Buildertrend easy

If you have any questions about the program, don’t hesitate to reach out to your account executive directly or chat with our Customer Success team anytime.

Not signed up for Buildertrend yet? What are you waiting for? Schedule a demo today!

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