Top 5 tips for a new Buildertrend user

1. Utilize your Buildertrend Coach.
We pride ourselves in offering the best support staff in the industry, and our Buildertrend Coaches have onboarded hundreds of contractors into our program. If you neglect to utilize your coach, you are doing yourself and your company a huge disservice. Setting up a short training session or two with your coach will enable you to get the program up and running effectively and efficiently from the start, and will save you hours of time in the long run.

2. Identify your needs and pain points.
Every business has processes that they can be improved upon in some way. Think of what gives you the most headaches or costs you the most time in your current day-to-day, write those pain points down, share them with your Buildertrend Coach, and chances are, Buildertrend offers a streamlined solution.

3. Walk before you run.
Start with implementing the “quick wins” your employees can begin using today – daily logs, to-dos, docs, photos, messaging, and commenting. These features only take a minute or two to learn, can be used through the mobile app at any time, and can go a long way toward streamlining jobsite communication. Buildertrend is a robust program that offers dozens of features – CRM, scheduling, task management, time tracking, estimating, job costing, and much more. Attempting to implement every feature all at once can lead to overwhelming your employees. Start small and see immediate improvements or changes.

4. Add all your current jobs into Buildertrend.
If you have three jobs going on when you sign up for Buildertrend, do not be afraid to add all of those to the program. Many companies will sign up for Buildertrend and only run one of their jobs through Buildertrend as a “test.” We understand the thinking here, but if you are only utilizing Buildertrend for one job and the rest of your jobs are outside of Buildertrend, adopting the software into your business will be more difficult.

5. Set up templates.
Templates save you time. The end goal for every Buildertrend user should be to have a template set up for every type of project. Every template will have the typical schedule, folder structure, tasks, selection deadlines, draw schedule, etc, for that type of project. Once you have your templates set up, you’re set up for success. Again, utilize your Buildertrend Coach who will help you get your templates set up and customized for your business.

And if you have any questions about the program, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Buildertrend Coach or our Support Team for help!

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