5 builder software tools our customers love

Buildertrend delivers an outstanding customer experience in the construction industry because of these features

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Love is in the air … but Cupid is nowhere to be found.

This Valentine’s Day – and every other day of the year, for that matter – the cherished cherub isn’t responsible for evoking feelings of elation among the construction industry. Put your bow and arrow down, friend. Instead, it’s our builder software tools stealing the spotlight.

As the No. 1 construction project management software, Buildertrend is beloved by homebuilders, remodelers and contractors across the globe. But why would businesses have a crush on tech? Because Buildertrend’s features are sweeter than a box of chocolates when it comes to improving communication, profits and efficiency.

The best customer experience in the construction industry is possible because of Buildertrend. Plain and simple. Don’t just take our word for it. Direct from our customers, hear why hearts swell for five of our most popular builder software tools.

Scheduling for success

1) Streamlining communication with Daily Logs

“When our organization began using Buildertrend, the Daily Logs tool allowed me to streamline internal communication across multiple construction projects where building is happening simultaneously,” said James Rogers, director of development at Building Homes for Heroes. “The Daily Logs tool has saved our team a lot of time because status updates can easily be shared to everyone in the organization quickly.”

Like many construction companies, Building Homes for Heroes is taking control of communication because of Daily Logs. No longer do they need to waste time sifting through text messages, voicemails and handwritten notes to give direction or progress updates. It’s all centralized now.

With the click of a button, teams can document and share every last detail all in one place.

2) Mastering people management with Scheduling

“We use Buildertrend’s Scheduling tool every day,” said Jason Economos, director of Beyond Build Constructions. “We regularly have three to four months-long projects occurring at the same time, and the Scheduling tool gives us insight into the team’s availability and ensures that jobs are not overlapping.”

Beyond Build Constructions has nearly doubled the amount of projects they’re able to take on because of our builder software tools – specifically Scheduling.

With multiple ways to view and build project schedules, we are the only construction job software that gives teams the ability to update their schedule on-the-go, anytime and anywhere. That means you can quickly ensure subs or crew members haven’t been double booked well in advance. Simply set up the system to send notifications if that does happen. Your team and stress levels will much appreciate it.

3) Exceeding clients’ expectations with the Customer Portal

“With the Customer Portal, I find that I am getting less questions with the same satisfaction customers yearn for,” said Paul Ledet, owner of Chris Ledet Homes. “It’s become a much more pleasant build because everything is right at their fingertips, whether they’re at work, home or wherever.”

Reimagine a superior customer experience in the construction industry with Buildertrend. Our tech gives your clients unparalleled access to their project with the Customer Portal. From a unique login, homeowners can check progress, make payments, choose selections, see the job schedule and communicate with their team.

Put late-night phone calls from clients to rest. Give them the Customer Portal, and the answers are a click away.

4) Turning change into cash with Change Orders

“Buildertrend’s Change Order function more than paid for the entire solution itself,” said Steve Kemp, owner of Kemp Construction Management. “When a Change Order is required, work doesn’t have to stop or slow down. With Buildertrend, we can easily create a change order while at a job site, and the app will send a notification to the customer within seconds.”

Whoosh! Did you hear that? It’s the sound of your change order process speedily moving along because of Buildertrend. If you’re tired of wasting time waiting to collect on all the work your team does, be like Kemp Construction Management.

With our Change Order feature, this team is empowered to create and deliver change orders from the office or on the go as well as capture electronic signatures and instant payments online. Cha-ching! Surely you heard that – the sound of hard work instantly becoming cold hard cash.

 5) Saving countless hours of time with templates

“When you run a small business, inefficiency is money lost. If just one thing takes 30 minutes longer a day, and there’s an average of 30 days in a month, that’s 900 minutes wasted. Templates help cut that 30 minutes down to five,” said John Lea, CEO and founder of Decksouth.

Every time you tackle a new job, don’t start from scratch. Start with a Buildertrend template. This isn’t a specific feature in our system – rather a functionality that exists across many of our builder software tools. That means you can apply time savings across multiple steps of the building process. It goes deeper than just project setup and planning, too.

Templates save time across your entire staff by creating consistency. Similar practices from one job to the next make it easy for your subs and team (even newbies) to find information and get straight to work. Everyone will have the same way of using Buildertrend, meaning productivity reaches fever pitch momentum.

You can fall for our features, too

After reading this, are you smitten with our software? Then you’re in luck.

Starting a relationship with Buildertrend is easier than buying roses or sharing candy hearts. All you have to is schedule a demo now.

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